Monday, August 4, 2008

Disney music Block Party!

Disney Music is launching a block party, and has released new CD music for family enjoyment. My kids love the music on the CD's. We got 5 CD's from Disney to review:
Imagination Movers: Juice Box Heroes
This CD is a great collection of fun tunes to help motivate kids and has songs about life time things. I like the songs Please and Thank you, and The Medicine Song.
The Mighty Giants: Here comes the 123's
This CD has some great songs about numbers. Kids learn while grooving' to the music. This CD comes with a DVD
Ralph's World: Rhyming Circus
I think this CD is great to introduce rhyming to kids. Ralph's World has fun tunes and fun ways to hear rhyming. I think the song Rhyming Circus is a fun tune.
Choo-Choo Soul
Caleb loves this CD, and the music from Choo-Choo Soul. The song ABC Gospel is a great tune. This CD comes with a fun music video, too.
Disney music Block Party (I have to say this is my favorite out of the five)~
Songs on this CD are Disney Movie Classics sung from the Disney Artists. It is fun to see my son, Caleb, try to guess who is singing the song. My kids and I really dance when the song The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room comes on.

Music is great for kids (and adults). We love music, singing and dancing in our home. I am glad to have these great Disney CD's to play. Music is great for so many reasons, mainly to help get kids moving and learning. Thanks DISNEY~

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