Friday, August 8, 2008

Xeko Mission: China series

The new "Mission: China" the fourth set of the Xeko cards has once again thrilled Nathaniel! He loves these playing cards, and he is really excited to learn about all these endangered species!
This card game is similar to Pokemon or Yo-gi-oh, but I think it is way more fun and educational. The cards desplay pictures and facts of real animals from far away lands. Xeko involves collecting trading cards to create a custom library—or in this case a “Xeko-system”—and using the cards to match wits against opponents in exciting game play. Instead of monsters and fantasy, Xeko takes its cues from nature and science, casting actual animal species as the heroes and basing game play on fragile ecosystem relationships. I would rather see Nathaniel playing with these card games verses the Pokemon cards. At least he is learning with his game play this way.
Game creator Amy Tucker was inspired by the work of Conservation International to focus each Xeko series, or “mission”, on a different “hotspot”–a species-rich part of the world. The first two Xeko missions were Costa Rica and Madagascar, both award-winning games.
This mission includes animals like the beloved Giant Panda, critically endangered
Snow Leopard, and ferocious King Cobra. The Xeko Mission: China starter set will come packaged in a stunning pagoda box decorated with animals from China’s habitats and dragon illustrations that capture the mysteries of ancient Chinese culture. Piquing kids’ interest in endangered animals and environmental conservation, Xeko seeks to inspire the next generation of eco-leaders through enriching and exciting game play. The starter set retails for $24.99. Booster packs of 9 cards are available for $3.99.
Dedicated to “a bright green future,” Xeko produces the games in an Earth-friendly way. The cards and packaging are made of 100% recycled stock, and all printing is done with eco-friendly
inks. While younger children can play and enjoy the game, Xeko is best suited for kids ages 8 years and up.
**I recommend this game for fun and learning!

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Never heard of these cards before. Sounds really neat!