Friday, August 1, 2008

Last night~ and Caleb is funny!

Last night, we went to a great concert at a church. A wonderfully musical, and very talented family was there using their God-given gifts to minister to us, and bless us! The family is called Simple Grace! They were very entertaining to watch, and I was amazed at the love they displayed. They have 8 children, and 8 in heaven! WOW~ and the mom, Kathy, is a very dedicated home schooling mom! They travel on the road 33 weeks a year doing ministry. I really enjoyed seeing them use their amazing talents to glorify God! They play so many instruments: banjo, guitar, bass guitar, key board, penny whistle, mandolin, cello, fiddles, harmonicas and more! It was a fun evening! My parents, my aunt and uncle, and my other aunt and uncle (here visiting from CO) were there, so it was fun to see relatives, too.

Anyway...Caleb and Nathaniel were running around in the gym afterward during the fellowship time (sweets and coffee break). They were having a blast having races. When we were getting in the van, Caleb had this conversation with Terry:
Caleb: I am tired!
Dad: Yes, it is late, did you have fun?
Caleb: Yes, it was fun running with Nathaniel. Dad, Nathaniel is a fast runner! He was chasing me!
Dad: Yes, he is fast.
Caleb: I need training lessons, so I can run as fast as Nathaniel.

**Isn't that a hoot? Hee hee...


Alicia said...

Aww.. that is just too cute and funny!! I love little minds!

Thats amazing about the concert family, wow....8 here and 8 in heaven..amazing! Sounds like it was a great time!

Milk Mama said...

Oh! That's so precious! What a sweetie! :D

Wow! Eight kids! What a dedicated mother! :D

Oh yes, there are tons of mountains here in Oregon. That's another thing. I don't care for skiing or any other mountain sports lol. We could definitely do a great trade! :D So what have you been up to lately? I'm sorry I haven't been very chatty lately. I don't know what's gotten into me. Argh! LOL! :D

Hope to talk to you later!

Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

That is really cute!
Simple Grace sounds like an amazing group! I would love to hear the moms testimony about having 8 children here and 8 children in heaven.