Monday, June 9, 2008


Sorry I have been "away from" the computer for a few days. We have been busy in our household!! Wednesday night, my Mother-in-Law came down for an extended weekend visit. It was great to see her, spend time with her, and watch her enjoying her grand kids. The kids just love their Grandma! On Thursday, she went with Nathaniel to his "Picnic Day" at school. They had outside games, and a big inflatable toy to play in. She surprised Nathaniel with Dairy Queen for lunch. He had forgotten his lunch at home, so she said she wanted to pick up D.Q. for him and Caleb. I had to bring Maddie to the Dr. appointment, so it worked out great! Caleb had fun being at the school too, until I came to pick him up. He wanted to stay there all day. Friday, I got to have a day with Nathaniel. It was his last day of school, and we went to a big Community Center. We got to go swimming and there was a big slide there. Nathaniel and I had a great time. There was another boy with us that I was chaperone of. He was very quiet, and looked at me funny when I tried to spark up a conversation with him. Kids like that kind of intimidate me. I really tried to get him to converse with me, and maybe squeeze a smile out of him. But to no avail, he with held. Oh well. At least Nathaniel and I had a really fun time. I didn't go down the slide, just because I am prego and I really don't want to do anything that may hurt the baby. I am not sure if it really would have done anything, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I did get into a game of tossing the ball with some boys. It started out with just Nathaniel and 2 of his friends. I threw it to one of them, and they threw it back to me. It was fun to watch them try to be the one to catch it. Pretty soon more boys came. I think there was about 10 boys playing after awhile. What was really funny was a couple of girls tried to get in the game, and if they got the ball...they started swimming away. All the boys went after her to get the ball back. It was quite comical. It was great to have one on one time with Nathaniel. We don't get that time enough, so I really appreciated my day out with him. Thanks Cheryl! You rock!!

When I got home on Friday afternoon, Caleb had to show me what he got. Caleb, Maddie and Grandma went to garage sales during the day. Caleb is a garage sale'aholic! He would go everyday if he could. He was so excited! He got a huge collection of Thomas the Train sets, cars, and track. He also got a Thomas the train bag/suitcase. Grandma hit the jackpot with this sale! She got such a great deal! Thomas stuff is so expensive! She got this huge box of items for $20! Terry and I couldn't believe it! She is such a bargain shopper and finds the best deals at garage sales! Thanks so much for your generosity, Cheryl! Thanks for all the maternity clothes, too! :)

Friday night, Terry and I brought Nathaniel to meet his Dad. Afterward, we went to watch trains. This is a highlight most times with our traveling to bring Nathaniel to meet his Dad. This time we went, we went up on a bridge and looked down on the trains and train yard. It was really neat to see the new views. Those cars are huge and really look so different from the top angle. While we were gone, Cheryl and Caleb took out all our tiles in our kitchen and dining room. Caleb had a great time taking out the tiles. He told Grandma that Dad will be really happy when he gets home. He wanted to start in on putting down the new flooring. I will see if I can get the pictures Grandma took of him uploaded on here.
When we got home, we tried out our new Mario Kart game for the Wii. It was super fun! I really love this new game! There are so many games and things to learn on it! It will really be a big hit this fall/winter when we are indoors more.

Saturday morning, we started our floors in our kitchen/dining room. We worked on them Sunday, too! We decided to get new flooring because our tiles were really bad. So, we put in real hardwood flooring. It isn't done quite yet, but it is so beautiful! I really love the new look! We really want to start painting, too, so we did buy one gallon of paint to start with behind the refrigerator, since it is pulled out. I hope we have enough paint to get the parts painted that we want that color. I was talking to my sister on the phone Sunday night, and she told me they are doing the same colors we are for their kitchen/dining rooms. I guess great minds think alike!!

Sunday afternoon, Caleb went to his friend's birthday party. It was a great party. The invitation said to come and dig in dirt! Be prepared to get dirty, and if you must, throw your clothes away. It was super! Caleb got really dirty. I will post pictures on here soon for that, too. There were 6 little kids there to dig in the big pile of dirt, and they really had a blast!

So, there is my long weekend. Sorry my blog has been mute for a bit. I will try to be good about posting a lot this week. This pregnancy is making me so tired. I am happy to say Maddie and Caleb are healthy. I am glad we are on vitamins, too.


jpandtheboys said...

I have been wondering about you. I am glad to hear that everyone is feeling better. You certainly have been busy but it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. I can't wait to see pictures. Maybe someday I will actually go to the train yard with you!!!! ;) love you

Jenn said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, sounds like you had a nice day with your little fella. Can't wait to see pictures of the floor, that's next on our list too new kitchen and two new bathrooms fun fun !

Gretchen said...

Sounds like a fun time at the garage sales. My kids are addicted to them, too! :)