Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun with cousins~

L-R: Caleb, L., J., Nathaniel, Madelyn, and K. (Terry's brother's kids) In just 4 years, Terry's mom went from 1 grandchild, to 6....and 2 more on the way!
Madelyn is the only granddaughter (so far) for Terry's mom. I know she holds her own, though.
The kids had such a fun time~ this was the weekend with Grandma.
This was about a month ago. My belly bump was smaller then. I was pulling the kids in the wagon, and they said they were in a parade. The boys were chanting, "Hello pretty girls!"


Anonymous said...

Looks like some great family time. I love how the dog got into the parade, too. :)
My parents have the opposite situation with their grandchildren: they are ALL girls.

Alicia said...

Looks like you had fun!! How great for your mother in law to be blessed with a handful of grandchildren!!!

P.S. I thought your baby bump looked smaller...then I kept reading!! :)

Qtpies7 said...

You look amazing! I just can't believe how much weight you lost, and how you are really seeming to keep it off while pregnant! Well, the bump doesn't count, lol.

Anonymous said...

I love it when our family gets together with all the cousins...
I love the "Hello pretty girls!"
Glad it was a fun time for you all.