Friday, August 8, 2008

Create-A-Tale DVD: A review

Caleb had so much fun playing along with this interactive DVD from Create-A-Tale: Funny Fairy Tales! He laughed so much! What made it so fun for him was that he got to choose how the story was going to go. I think he liked the feeling of accomplishment and control.
There are 5 fun stories on the DVD: The Witch's Stew, The Three Big Pigs, There's a Fly on my Soup, The Monster Song, and The Teeny Weenie Genie.
The animation and quality isn't Disney, but it is pretty good. I like that kids can take control of their story with this new way of DVD interaction. This series is designed for children ages 3-6, and I think it is worth the $14.99 retail price.
This project was created and financed completely independently, out of a passion for children's education and the desire to foster young storytellers. They rely solely on word-of-mouth, so tell everyone about it, and go check it out!

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