Thursday, August 28, 2008

Open House

Tonight, Nathaniel had his Open House for his 4th grade year. He is so excited about getting back into school. On the way to the Open House he said, "It is going to be so great walking the halls of ****** again!" I am glad he enjoys school, and loves to learn. His teacher seems nice. I am not sure what any of the teachers are like. I did homeschooling for 3 years, and this is his second year in the school district. I don't know too many parents of the school kids, so I am not sure of the "inside" news. His classroom is upstairs this year, so that is a change for him. He said it was the art room last year. I know that the school is a little cramped, need more teachers, and more space. I asked his new teacher how many are in his class. She said there was 30 kids! I really struggle with wanting to take him out to give him more one on one teaching, but I know he thrives so well in the school setting.
I got his MCA test results back from the spring testing. I am so proud of Nathaniel! He is very smart and tries really hard to keep learning. He highly exceeds the standards. I am not over exaggerating, he did score extremely only missed less than 15 questions. I hope he keeps working hard, and striving high in his studies. I like to think that homeschooling him for 3 years had a huge affect on his high scores. I think any homeschooling mom would agree with that. :)
His Dad came with to the Open House. I am glad that his Dad makes the efforts, but these events are always a little weird. I guess awkward would be a better way to describe it. It went well, though. It is good that he drives the 2 1/2 hours to come to Open House and conferences.

Nathaniel played with his friend today. He found out that his friend is moving to Colorado in 4-6 weeks. He is sad about this and he is bummed he won't be here anymore. I have to admit, I am not entirely upset about it. This is the friend of his that I blogged about awhile back that was rude to my kids when he was at our house for a visit. I am not so sure his influence is what I desire for Nathaniel. I feel bad that Nathaniel is sad, but I am a bit relieved.

So, now Nathaniel is with his Dad for the weekend, and he starts up with school on Tuesday morning. I have to get in some last minute school shopping this weekend, and make sure he is set.


Alicia said...

Can you believe school is here!?? Its like where does the time go??! Once August hits, its basically over. I cant believe I am in the planning stages of a new school year, feels like we just got out....sigh....back to work!! I have been more tired these past two days too!!

Gretchen said...

Homeschooling was the best thing I ever did for my daughter. I pulled her out of school in the middle of third grade. WHY? She would come home every day telling me she was too stupid for school. Now where did she hear that? Certainly not from us! In the two years I homeschooled her, she came out of her shell and is now a beautiful, poised young lady who can carry on a conversation with anyone. She regularly hangs out with Senators and other high ranking politicians and holds her own in conversations. That never would have happened if I let her stay in that school. I only sent her back because of my health.


Qtpies7 said...

That is really neat that his dad would come to those. I don't think my dad would have. And we were much closer, lol. I don't think he did when I lived with him, either, lol.