Monday, August 11, 2008

Back from camping

The weather for camping was simply wonderful! We couldn't have asked for better weather! In the mornings, the temperatures were a bit chilly, and it heated up throughout the day to warm temps, but not smoldering hot. I wish that Madelyn was not sick, though. Friday morning, she had a bit of a cough when she woke up, but I thought it was just from sleeping. Then, she had a late nap Friday (just before we left), and she woke up with a croup sounding cough. I asked Terry if we should just stay home. He said we should just go, and worst case, I take her home. I really probably should have stayed home (looking back). We got out the door at about 6 PM Friday night. We stopped at McDonald's for a quick supper, and fueled up. We drove an hour away to the campsite. It was a nice campground, but it really could use some updates. We had a nice spot, and there was great mature trees all around. We had a tent, slept 5 in it, and everyone around us had pop-ups or RV's. I really hope to own a pop-up someday. I think it would be so much easier with a pop-up, and you can pack all your camping gear in there. Also, IF it rains, you have a place to be where you won't get drenched on. Here is two pictures of Madelyn helping Dad with the tent set up.

Anyway, we had a nice time visiting around the campfire. We had s'more's and hobo pies (my favorite). Then, we went to bed. That is when Maddie had a hard time. She tossed and turned, cried, and coughed. For one thing, she likes sleeping in her crib, and she isn't used to sleeping with us anymore. But, she was getting a back cough~ to the point of not breathing well. I was thankful that we brought the nebulizer with. We ended up nebulizing her, which seemed to help. It was a night of waking up to her crying almost every 30-45 minutes, though. She wasn't running a temperature, so that was good. By morning, she was happy. She woke up happy and ready to go.
Saturday, we had a good and easy breakfast: donuts, cereal, bananas, milk, and juice. We like to keep it simple with camping and cooking. The less dishes, the better.

I was so tired from lack of sleep and being pregnant! I was a bit ornery, and I was trying my best to keep in good spirits. I think I did rather well. I know Terry wasn't having a great time, because it is a lot of work with little ones, a dog, and camping~ and he was needing a nap. So, by mid morning we went to town to get a swim suit for me, and 2 more camping chairs. We went to a Target and I found a "good deal" on a nice looking maternity suit. I also picked up some sunscreen and 2 chairs. I got a pink chair for me. I knew it was a good time for Terry to catch some shut-eye while Nathaniel and I went shopping. Caleb and Maddie got in a good snooze, too. Then, we were on our way back to the camp. By this time it was lunch time. I was telling Terry what I had planned for lunch. He decided it was easier to just go through Burger King, so that is what we did. I didn't mind...Burger King is yummy, and it saved on time for us.
When we got back to the site, Terry was great with letting me go lay down. I got in a good nap. Then, we all went swimming. Maddie was so tired at this time. She just laid her head against me. After swimming, in the very cold pool, we all showered up. Maddie didn't even make a peep when I was showering with her. She normally is chattering away and giggling~ but, she was super tired. Then, she got in her second nap.
We went back to our camp site, and we all got ready for supper. That night we had a potluck and made our own meat. It was really good! We had so much fun and great conversations. Nathaniel and L. went paddle boating, and Terry, Caleb, and Lena went paddle boating. They had a great time. L. took Nathaniel in the canoe, too. I really should have taken a picture of that, because that was Nathaniel's first time in the canoe. He said it was so much fun. Nathaniel spent most of his time down by the lake (it was pretty much a little pond). He loves looking for fish, snails, name it. If we ever wondered where Nathaniel was, we looked down at the lake first.
I decided to take Maddie home that night. I am so glad I did! I left the camp at 9:00 PM and we got home about 10. She fell asleep about 10:30, after sleeping in the van most of the way home. I fell asleep about 11:00. She woke up at around 2:30 coughing really bad, so I nebulized her and gave her cough meds. Then, she was back to sleep. At 4:30, she woke up crying really bad, and she was burning up~ REAL HOT! I couldn't find our thermometer, but I knew she was really hot~ her arms were even red. Then, she threw up. It was mostly clear liquid, and didn't have an odor, so I knew it was because she was burning up. She guzzled some water, and I got some Motrin in her. Poor Baby! I sat up with her for about an hour while I held her upright as she slept. I wanted to make sure the Motrin was going to stay in, and keep an eye on her. She laid in the Boppy pillow on our bed next to me. It was a rough night. She had a fever most of the day on Sunday. She didn't eat very well for breakfast, and just wasn't happy at all. We went back to the campground to get the boys, and load up all our stuff. Just when we were getting ready to go, Terry and I were changing Maddie and Caleb's diapers. Maddie was climbing up on the picnic table, and she fell~ cutting her mouth. She was crying so hard, and blood dripped out of her mouth. If things weren't bad already, this topped off her morning. POOR SWEETY!
So, we went home, unloaded, did laundry, took naps, ate supper, and got to bed early. I am glad we are home. I hope next time we camp, everyone will be healthy. I am sorry I didn't get more pictures.
I really do love to go camping, but I do think it is a challenge when our kids are so little. Maybe it would be better with just our family, then we wouldn't be stressed out with our tots into other people's things, or touching things that aren't ours. Have any of you experienced more stress when you camp with friends...with your kids getting into other's things, or wanting to go in their campers all the time?


Qtpies7 said...

I prefer camping with other people. I haven't had mine wanting to go in other people's places/things, though. Just the teens, they stick together and hang out in campers and such.
We had the same weekend, but thankfully at home. Lots of high, high fevers, over 103, lots of nausea, and one person vomiting.
Since Wednesday, we've had 7 people get sick.

Alicia said...

Wow, you had quite the adventure Sarah!! Sounds like the boys really had a great time so thats good! Poor Maddie, my goodness!! You are such a good mommy to her!! Next time I am sure camping will be even easier!

Alicia said...

Oh I was going to tell you!
I watched a documentary called, "In the Womb," wow its so amazing the development of a baby! God does such miracle work with these little babies growing in us!! If you get a chance try to see it, rent it or something! (We do netflix)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a camping trip! I hope Maddie is doing better, nothing is worse than when your child is sick. I haven't camped in years but when I was a kid every summer we went with a bunch of my parents friends and their kids. We always a great time.

jpandtheboys said...

camping is hard when they are little! I am sorry Maddie got so sick. Maybe you should try camping with another family that has small children because then you won't feel so bad when their kids are digging in your stuff too!! Hahaha.. LIKE US!! Don and I bought Brody his own little pop up tent and it goes right in our tent. He sleeps in there and it seems to help. It's not necessarily cheap but I believe they can sleep in there until about 4-5 years of age. It sort of depend on how fast the kid grows. Maddie would probably fit until she's 7!! ;)

Gretchen said...

Sounds like you had a great time! We love camping, but haven't been able to get going for a couple years now. Something just always comes up. Now it's time for the kids to go back to school, so yet another year is done.