Saturday, August 16, 2008

Latest, greatess school Tees~

Don't you ever get tired of seeing the same kind of tee-shirts hanging on the racks in the stores, every fall? Most of them are a bit degrading or don't have positive messages. Being a parent of a pre-teen, I have a hard time keeping up with the shows on TV, of coarse maybe I would actually know the shows, IF I watched TV. Anyway, I won't let Nathaniel wear/display clothes that I don't know what it is promoting. That's why I was really excited to see the new shirts for back to school! These shirts have great, positive messages that promote good attitudes in the person wearing them. Actually, anyone that reads the shirt, instantly sparks a smile. VeryMeri produces shirts for boys and girls in an assortment that is pleasing to the eye. I love the colors, and the great selection the VeryMeri offers.
For $24 a shirt, you can put your kids in uplifting, and fun shirts. These shirts are available in short or long sleeves, and many different sizes. I like that VeryMeri donates proceeds, from each sale, to charity! I love what VeryMeri states on their site, "We host t-shirt design contests for schools, camps, non profits and on-line. Kids submit ideas for tees, vote on their favorite, and the winning design is made available for purchase. The designers, Free Arts for Abused Children and other partnering organizations receive a portion of the sales. All designers must be Under 18 to enter. KIDS ROCK!"
Meri Zeiff, VeryMeri CEO and former elementary school teacher, is the lady behind the launching of the great line of VeryMeri apparel. Her desire was the result of her desire to counter-balance the negative messages and expressions on clothes of today's youth. I am glad that she came up with VeryMeri! Nathaniel will be toting his No Homework shirt this school year. Thank you VeryMeri!

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