Monday, August 11, 2008

Babble Soft: making life for parents easier!

Being a new mom can be so stressful. Especially in the first few months! I remember back to when I was a new mom (almost a decade ago), and Doctors wanted to know so much information. It was hard to remember how many times I was breastfeeding him everyday, how many hours was my baby sleeping, or what color was the remains in his diaper. It was so overwhelming! I wish I had an easy way to keep track of everything, instead of numerous pieces of misplaced papers when he was little. Well, Doctors still want to know everything, and so does everyone else. Babble Soft is a great new site that allows me to keep track of everything with this new baby! I will be able to track both my schedule and my newborns schedule with Baby Insights. I can type in when I breastfed, pumped, or if I took medicine. Baby Insights keeps track of Daily Summaries, as well as a weekly summary. I can also keep track of my baby's feeding schedule, diaper changes, medicines taken, and if my baby has a bottle, I can track how many ounces. I love this baby software to help me keep track of everything with my new baby. It is a great way that my husband and I can look at anytime, or we can share this site with our care provider, so they know what our baby has been up to.
Babble Soft also has Baby Say Cheese so I can begin creating my baby's precious first year album, so I can have a way to remember the most important first milestones. I am so thankful that technology has come so far! It is so easy to upload the pictures and put them in the folders on Baby Say Cheese! I can put up family photos, and create a family Tree photo album to add pictures of our immediate extended family. What a great tool to have access to!

About Babble Soft:
Babble Soft, LLC is an Austin, Texas based company specializing in technology products that help make new parents' lives easier. The Founders launched a high technology company in 1997, which is still operating today. After leaving their last company, they had some babies and couldn't help but start another one! Baby Insights (formerly Baby Manager) was born... just in time to test out when their daughter arrived! Baby Insights helps make the transition into parenthood a little easier. Soon after Baby Say Cheese was born with other applications on the way.

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That is pretty cool. I'll have to send the link to my sister in law.