Saturday, August 16, 2008

We are getting ready for our vacation

Early Monday morning, we are heading out on our family trip to Illinois. I am so looking forward to going out there, getting away from home, and just being together enjoying one another. We will be staying with my sister, her husband, and their 5 kids! They just moved into a new home this spring, and they said we will have a double bed to sleep in. :) I am super excited to see my sister. We haven't seen them since Christmas! I am looking forward to seeing my nieces and nephews, too, and for the kids to have so much time to play together. I am excited to see my brother-in-law, too. :)

I am not really looking forward to the long drive~ at least 8 1/2 hours (that's with out much stopping). However, we have a toddler, and a pre-schooler~ AND THE MOST IMPORTANT...I am pregnant. Just kidding, I am not the most important, but we will need time for stopping. I would like to think that we could leave early~ about 6:00 AM. Keep the kiddos in their jammies, at least Caleb and Maddie. Then, we could stop at a Perkins for breakfast about 8/8:30, and change them into clothes. That way we can get through some of the morning rush hour through the Twin Cities. My niece is coming with us on our trip. Her and my other niece are really good friends, as well as cousins. So, it will be fun to spend extra time with her, too! Plus, when we are out there, we will have sitters (between my two teen nieces and Nathaniel) for when my sister, our husbands, and I go out on a double date! WooHoo!!

We are planning on a few things to do for sure, but we don't have a particular schedule to follow while we are there. I am OK with that, because we can just do what we want. My sister is only 45 minutes from Chicago, so our options are endless. I know one night we are going to their church to hear my niece talk about her Mission Trip. That will be a lot of fun! I am excited to see what she did, hear about her experiences and how they worked for God.

We are leaving one of our family members behind....
Lena, our dog. Grandma is taking her for the week (THANK YOU!!), so she will be well taken care of. We will miss her, and I am sure she will miss us, but she will be happy there, too.
Speaking of Grandma, she is here this weekend. It is nice to visit with her and spend time with her. She took really cute pictures of our kids. Nathaniel is with his Dad, so unfortunately I don't have any of him to show you~ next time. He is coming with on our trip, so there will be pictures to show you when we return.

Caleb and Madelyn love playing in the dirt. So messy, and so fun! We really need to get a sand box set up for them. This is just some dirt from one of our projects, so they are having fun with it for now.
Look at that cute face!
Keep diggin'! I love the expression on his face.
OHHHH, what's that? (Can you pucker like that?)
So happy with his shovel. Maybe he will work in construction.


Milk Mama said...

What? do I see piggies on Maddie? No fair! LOL! She looks PRECIOUS! And Caleb is growing up so much. He just --all of a sudden-- doesn't look like a baby any more. He looks like a little boy! How cute! :D

Alicia said...

Cute pics!! I love that you let them play in the dirt and get dirty!! Its such a good thing for kids! At preschool I tell my kids, "we make messes at preschool!" So many moms dont let their kids get "dirty" anymore... :( Kudos to you Sarah!! Have a blast on your trip!! Sounds like a great time will be had! Not being on a rigid schedule is the best kind of vacation in my book!

Qtpies7 said...

Have a fun week! You will be missed!