Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


Qtpies7 said...

Caleb is such a cutie, and so smart! You are going to have quite a life homeschooling that kiddo! Every day will be a joy.

Hope you had a great anniversary! And I hope you are still feeling ok. This nasty cold is hard to kick, but I'm almost better. I am going out of town Friday morning, so I need to get some stuff to you for Nicole.
You should go check out my mom's blog for a pic Devon took, click on it to see it full size, it is really neat.

Amber said...

LOL! if I had a beverage I would have just spit it after reading that!

He looks like he's being swallowed by the desk, SO CUTE!!!

BTW, when you get the chance, could you paste the new Go Figure button code, I had it going to the post vs. the actual category, my bad...SORRY!!!

God Bless,

pinks & blues girls said...

It looks like he is working on something very important! So cute!

Jane, P&B Girls

Jeannie said...

What a cutie! He reminds me of Molly when she was that age. She used to say she was "studying", and she would open an encyclopedia, circle words in it, and then copy them, (as best she could), onto paper.

I could go open anyone of them today and probably find what she was "studying" back then!

BTW, we're back home..finally!