Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday: Day of Rest

Well, we didn't end up going "camping," but we did go and visit at the campground on Friday night. Caleb kept saying, "I love camping!" He was really funny, and the others kept laughing at his little sayings. We taught him the whole little: "Know what? :chicken butt." "Know why? :cow pie." "Know where?" :underwear." He used this at the right time on Friday night. Terry was talking about something, and he asked the others, "Know why?" To which Caleb piped up, "Cow pie!" He was right on que, and it was hillarious! Terry smiled, but he kept on talking, and I couldn't help but to keep on laughing!

Saturday, we just hung out in the morning, and then we went to my cousin's wedding and reception. Before we left for the wedding, we had to get Caleb up from his slumber. When Terry went in his room to get him, he just snuggled up in his blanket. Then he said, "Just a little more sleep, please!" It was so precious. We didn't plan his nap very well. We were hoping he would sleep in the car for the hour drive there. He had other plans, though, because he stayed awake the whole time. That made it for a pleasant afternoon and evening, as you could imagine. He sure was a grump. He did have some fun at the reception running around with his "budder." The wedding was short and sweet and my cousin looked amazing! Her colors were white and brown. I will say I never would have thought of brown for a color, but it really looked classy, and it sure beats "the flow" of everyone else.

Today we are just going to hang low at home, and take advantage of our day of rest. It is cold, rainy and windy outside it is a great day to just relax and enjoy family. I need to get my morning cup of joe I must be off to get that. I may post another later today! Thanks for stopping by!


Qtpies7 said...

We want to go visit the camp so badly, but it would just be mean to do it. We are hacking out pieces of our lungs over here. From 3-4 am every day I am uncontrollably coughing until I'm gagging. I've gone through a whole bottle of nyquil already, and I'm going for more today. But even that needs help, I have to have cough drops constantly, even while sleeping.
I'm really thankful that Sam hasn't gotten the cough as bad as I have.

Anonymous said...

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Movers4life said...

That is very cute!! I love the age Caleb is at, it is too cute!! Bummer about camping, at least you had a day to lay low!:)