Friday, August 10, 2007


Yea hoo! I am so excited that it is Friday. Not only is it the weekend...there are so many great things happening this weekend. I get to start the night off with 2 of my great friends, Lisa and Jody. Jeannie (who is another friend) may join us, but we aren't sure right now. We get to take Jody out for her birthday to "Dairy Queen". This is a joke that started with Jeannie's birthday outing, and it continued for all 4 of our ending with Jody's. She doesn't think that she is actually going to Dairy Queen, though, she thinks we are only kidding. Well, we get the last laugh. Lisa and I think it is hillarious.
After that fun, we get to head over to our church for "ladies night". This is such an awesome time for stress relief. We laugh so hard. We are all on oath that what "happens there, stays there." Toward the last part of the night we usually get talking on the juicy subjects, in which Jeannie usually changes the subject consequently. :) With that, it just makes us laugh all the more.
Tomorrow morning is my last stamp (rubber stamps) club. I love this outlet to put my hobby to use. I love this time to learn new techniques, and also to purchase more to add to my hobby (all in a budget). I am pretty sure I will be joining again next month for the new club.
Tomorrow night, our Women's Ministry is going to the local Derby. I think this will "rock on dude" (as Caleb says). I have never been to the Derby and I think it will be great. My cousin does the races, too, so it will be fun knowing someone who is in the action.
On Sunday, we will be heading up to my husband's brother's house to celebrate my Mother-n-law's birthday. I am looking forward to meeting my new nephew who is 3 months younger than our youngest.

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Qtpies7 said...

Ladies night out was unforgettable! Sort of like a milestone birthday being so bad that you never forget it! LOL I was right, wasn't I?
Boy, it sure was a batty evening, though!