Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I had a busy weekend...

Well, it has been awhile since I had a "post" so I need to do that now. On Friday night, we brought Nathaniel down to the cities for his weekend visit with his Dad. We always stop and look at the trains in St. Paul afterward. Caleb and Terry love to do this. Every time we get in the cities, Caleb always asks, "Can we go look at trains!?" He just loves going there. It really works out great, because usually Maddie is ready for more mama's milk. So, it is a win win. I enjoy looking at the trains, too. They really are close, and it is fun learning so much about them. Sometimes the engineers will blow there horn (Caleb isn't so sure he likes that, because it is loud) and sometimes they blow a whistle. Caleb has never really liked loud sounds. We are teaching him that thunderstorms are "AWESOME" and not so bad. He still is very unsure of that idea, though.

On Saturday, I had an eye appointment for a visual field test. This was a very intense test. I had to wear a patch on the one eye, put my forehead against a bar, and look into this circular piece. While I looked in there, I had to fix my eyes on these 4 red dots. I had to look into the middle of those dots the entire time. While looking at the dots, I had to squeeze this button every time that I saw a flashing white dot somewhere on that piece (without my eyes moving to the flash). It was very hard to do!! Each eye lasted 8 minutes, too! This was suppose to see how my peripheral vision was doing. We have glaucoma in our family, and it is pretty hereditary. This test was to help keep tabs on my eyes to help early detection of that disease. I am glad that test was over. The Dr. had some concerns with my right eye, so I will have to go back in 6 months for a re-check. She said it could be because it was my first time taking the test. Then, in the afternoon, we just worked on some home improvement things, and relaxed.

Sunday, Terry and I took the little ones to the State fair! We had a fun day down at the fair. It really wasn't too bad for the weather...there was a cooler breeze anyway. We had the double stroller and Maddie was in the back. She was hilarious, because she sat up really straight. Then, she would grab onto the back of Caleb's seat and pull herself up so she could see over the top. It was adorable (and of coarse I am terrible about bringing the camera...where is my mother-in-law??). Caleb and Maddie were so great for the whole afternoon, and I have to say Caleb was on no-nap mode... He did have a hard time when we were heading out. He just put his head down on the handle bar. We had a few chuckles on our way out with our toddler sleeping, and happy Maddie in the back. Terry had a foot long corn dog, and I had hot dish on a stick. That was sooo good!! I highly recommend having a taste of that if you head down there.
After the fair, we went to get Nathaniel, then we went to look at trains again.


Movers4life said...

YEA!!! The state fair, I love it!:) We are going this week, I am SO excited! We honestly live for it every year (truth be told we budget for the food, we go crazy!) Sounds like you guys had fun, I love that you go and see the trains, that is kind of a fun tradition!:) Hopefully I will see you soon so we can catch up!:)

Qtpies7 said...

We went today and opted not to try the hot dish on a stick, but we tried Scotch eggs, and they were amazing! We are going to try to make those! Sam's favorite was the deep fried candy bar, though.