Friday, August 31, 2007

Open House

When I got home with the kids today, I had to show them my toe. Caleb came over and looked. Then he said,"Oh owie. Maybe put some butt cream on it, and make it feel all better!" (We call A&D ointment, "butt cream") It was so funny!

Tonight we had Nathaniel's open house for school. As I said, we will bring your school stuff in your back pack, Caleb quickly ran down stairs saying get back pack. He looked in his toy box, grabbed his back pack, and came back on. While he was trotting up the stairs he whipped the pack over his shoulders pretty fast. Then he said, "Time to go to school with my pack pack."

Last year, at Christmas time, Nathaniel and I were singing Christmas songs with the radio. Then Nathaniel sang, "Floppin' around the Christmas tree...."

Tonight, after the open house, we decided to go look at houses in the outskirts of town. Nathaniel started singing, "Floppin' around, the neighborhood...just looking at the houses." A bit later, Caleb said, "We're just floppin' around."


Qtpies7 said...

That boy! He is too smart, I tell ya, too smart! Its funny now, and funny to me because I don't have to deal with it later!

Sarah said...

Never a dull moment here!