Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sleeping Quarters

We need to start getting Caleb into a "big" bed now, and get Maddie into the crib. This will be a challenge, because currently we only have 3 bedrooms. We want to let Nathaniel keep his own bedroom because he is so much older than the 2 littler ones. So, Terry and I were brain-storming last night. We really don't want Caleb and Maddie sharing at this point, because if one of them wake up in the night (chances are Maddie will), the other one will wake up, too. We really want to avoid that if possible. So, we asked Nathaniel what he would like and what his preferences are. We did say eventually he will have a room downstairs, but right now we don't have the time or money into making another room. He offered having the crib in his room. He is so smart! I never even thought of that option. I knew it would've been hard having him share with Caleb, since Caleb digs in everything...especially if it is "Budder's" stuff. Caleb calls Nathaniel "Budder" for brother. It is so adorable. He rarely says Nathaniel. So, with taking the crib out and rearranging furniture, we are planning on just painting Caleb's room and keeping the changing table in there. We will need to put another dresser in there for Maddie. The only thing we will add to Nathaniel's room will be the crib. Hopefully we will be able to work on another bedroom next summer/fall. I think after we paint Caleb's room, then we will start working on painting the other bedrooms. Painting is an affordable fix and it looks so much better!


Movers4life said...

That is awesome that Nathaniel helped plan, I like that you included him in the process it totally changes there view when they are a part!! Painting-I love that it is cheap and it really does change a whole place!! I painted my living room, part of the kitchen, hallway, and down the stairs this summer-good times!!!:)

Qtpies7 said...

I'm not sure where Nikki found the time to paint, what with her being GONE 24/7 and all, lol.
Nathaniel had a great plan! He's a smartie.