Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Contests....yipee

Breastfeeding,with modesty can be a challenge at times. It is hard to find cute tops for nursing, and they are pricey. "Bebe Au Lait" or "Hooter Hiders" (either title fits here) the nursing cover for chic mothers - looks like a great alternative!! These nursing covers are $35.00 and come in the most beautiful selection of prints. Here are some reasons to look into owning a Bebe Au Lait (from the http://momviews.blogspot.com/ website):
Mom looks stylish and trendy while feeding baby.
Mom's modesty isn't compromised.
Nursing while out and about or while entertaining family and friends is no longer stressful.
Bebe au Lait™ nursing covers help baby to relax and concentrate on nursing by blocking out busy surroundings.
The lightweight fabric keeps baby from overheating while nursing unlike heavy blankets or towels. Plus, Mom can see exactly what baby is doing instead of completely obscuring baby as with a blanket.
Bebe au Lait™ nursing covers fold up compactly and fit easily in any size diaper bag without adding a lot of bulk.
Bebe au Lait™ nursing covers eliminate the need to purchase several expensive (and often unattractive) nursing tops.
The Bebe au Lait™ nursing cover can serve many other purposes: It can be a light blanket in a pinch. It can be draped across the front of the stroller so baby is protected from the sun if the sunshade isn't offering enough coverage. Mom can also use it to protect baby from the sun while using a front carrier - the lightweight fabric keeps baby from getting too warm. The terry cloth panel is perfect for cleaning up spit ups, drools, and other baby-related oopsies.
Their creative director is co-owner Claire Ekelund--she's a designer from the UK. You can win a Nursing Cover from Bebe Au Lait! Go check it out! http://momviews.blogspot.com/2007/08/bebe-au-lait-hooter-hider-review-and.html
Contest will run from August 28th - September 2nd and a winner will be announced on the 3rd.

This week you can win the 2 disk Dunstan Baby Language DVD set from http://blog.mom4life.com/mom_4_life/4_free_friday/index.html. This week's contest ends Wed the 29th at 9PM PST.

http://www.pinksandblues.com/ is giving away a baby briefcase to help you be more organized. Enter by Tuesday, September 4, 2007 at 5 PM EDT

http://www.mumsthewurd.com/will be giving away a copy of Desperate Households! Enter by Monday, August 27th at 10:00 pm CST

http://multi-taskingmoms.blogspot.com/ is having a recipe roundup and is giving away a hand-crafted apron! Kerry at Practically Necessary is sponsoring this Recipe Roundup. Contest ends Sunday, September 2.

Have you seen the boon feeding product line? http://modmom.blogspot.com/ is having a contest to win! Check out their products at http://booninc.com/feeding.html. You can enter this contest until September 15.

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