Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wall Candy Arts~ Time to add some fun!

I love making kid's rooms more enjoyable for them to be in! I love when a room is entertaining and helps create an atmosphere to let the imagination go. That is what I liked about Wall Candy Arts!

I picked out the Grazeland set to put up in Caleb's room. He loves having a farm in his room. His favorite animals are the chicks, really. I think I like the cows the best. Each kit contains 18' of grass, 16 trees, 2 barns with silos and 2 tractors to get around in. Plus 6 cows, 20 chicks, 8 pigs, 12 bunnies and 12 lambs. I just have a partial kit, but it was still plenty to put up around his room. I love how the Wall Candy Arts bring life to plain, and solid color walls. Wall Candy Arts have many different options to chose from when picking out a set for different rooms in your home:
abc & 123
off the wall

There are many different options, different sets, and the prices very. I think it is a great way to help decorate a child's playroom, or bedroom. I love that the set is easy to remove and re-stick to wear I want them. The stickers don't remove any paint either!

About Wall Candy:

Wall Candy Arts is the manufacturer and distributor of the product Wall Candy, which is reusable wall stickers and wall art. Wall Candy is the most innovative way to decorate nurseries, kids' rooms, play rooms, and rooms for teens and adults. Create a unique atmosphere, enhance any living space and do so with the ease of a peel and stick application. Once installed, Wall Candy can be effortlessly rearranged or removed and used again without leaving any marks on the walls. Wall Candy is savvy design for the design savvy.

Allison Krongard, is the founder of Wall Candy Arts, LLC, and Dana Berk (cousin of Allison), is the Marketing Director of Wall Candy Arts, LLC.

Check them out, they have great specials going on right now!


windycindy said...

I love their site. It seems like wall art is very popular lately! Thanks for the site information. I apprecite it.....Cindi

Anonymous said...

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