Sunday, May 4, 2008

Huggies Cleanteam: A Review

With my kids outside longer now, with the summery days finally here, I am just loving the Huggies Cleanteam hand soap! What I really like about this hand pump is, the Hippo Head! Henry the Hippo lights up when you push his head down. The soap comes out, and kids start scrubbing. My kids really like the foam soap. The kids need to wash with the soap, until the blinking light turns off! This process is 20 seconds. Many kids rush through hand washing, and don't fully clean their hands. I am all about clean hands! Especially with all the times my kids have been sick this year!
I really think that the New Huggies Cleanteam products are great!
I just used the Sammy Snake conditioning shampoo while giving the kids a bath tonight. I love the smell...kind of like blueberries, but it is Blue Mellon scent! I really like that the shampoo is tear-free! I think this bottle was easy to open while I was bathing Madelyn and Caleb. It also made putting their hair in a crazy style, while washing, easy!

With Caleb just around the corner from potty training (WE ALL HOPE), I am so thankful for Huggies Cleanteam flushable wipes! I like that I can put this container next to his chair, and Caleb can pull the wipes out easy with the pop up tub. The wipes are made easy for little hands, smell good, and they are pre-moistened! I like that they are flushable, too! It is hard enough to potty train, and toilet paper can be a challenge with a beginner. This makes life so much easier.
Cleanteam products are available at Target, Wal-Mart,and some local drug and grocery stores.


Milk Mama said...

I love the clean team stuff, too! :D

Hi! I'm just dropping in to say that I've got a giveaway on my blog. I'd really like if you signed up for it. :) Sorry for the short post. I don't have much time! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to trying this out through winning your giveaway! And yay for the nice weather!