Friday, May 2, 2008

May Babywearing Photo Contest

Marni Matyus, owner of Peppermint and The Sling Station says, “Baby slings are the most effective and simple way to maintain the warm, natural connection a child has with its mother.”

So, in honor of May being Mother’s Day month, The Baby Sling Blog would like to see our babywearing photos that show our special connection.
Contest deadline, Friday, May 23.
Prize: A free pair of BabyLegs!


Milk Mama said...

Girl, you find the coolest contests! I hope you don't mind me playing along in the contests that you post! :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think my phobias are stranger things lol... I don't mind my daughter's bodily fluids, but the thing that gets me is mucous and phlegm from other people. I just want to hurl... oh and hair believe it or not. Other's hair freaks me out (cut hair, that is)... :D

Miss said...

you look sooo cute! I love your glasses!+)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sling!

Jill said...

So what are your favorite baby carriers to use?