Thursday, May 8, 2008

Funny Kids~

On the way to babysitting this morning, I was gushing over Caleb telling him how much I love and adore him. He told me that he was my big sweetheart. I used to say to him, "Caleb are you my sweetheart?" Then, he would say, "Yes." Then, I used to say, "No, you are my big sweetheart!" Now, he just tells me that he is my big sweetheart. So, we were driving, and talking about me loving him, and him being my big sweetheart...I said that God gave him to me. He was smiling and saying yes, God gave him to me. Then, I said, "God made you!" In the past he would always say, "Yes, God made me special." (Which he learned from VeggieTales). So, that is the response I was waiting to hear. BUT~ he said, "Yes, God made people. And, we don't shoot people, just stuff." I thought that was funny...because I always tell him this when he is playing with his Nerf guns with brother.

Tonight, Maddie was in her high chair eating. Lately, she has been really loving her food. Every bite she nods her head and says, "MmMMmm...num!" She was getting upset at this one moment, because I asked her (with signing) if she wanted her milk...with reference to her sippy cup. She got mad, and wanted to nurse. She was crying and saying, "Nur, Nur." So, Nathaniel started to entertain her and made her laugh. Then, she started to hold food up to his mouth. He wasn't coming closer, so she held it closer to him and said, "AHhhh...AHhhh..." Then, he took the bait, and she thought that was so funny, so she tried it again with more food. He wouldn't take anymore, so she threw it on the floor...then, she was all done!


CanCan said...

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I hope you can come!

Anonymous said...

That is too cute I remember when my older kids were little and would do stuff like that. I can't wait for the new baby to start.

Alicia @ said...

So cute!! What sweet stories! Happy mommy's day tomorrow!! I can tell you are a great mom!

Milk Mama said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sarah! That's such a funny story about Caleb. He's starting to draw conclusions... smart boy! :)
Awww Maddie would rather nurse lol. What a sweetheart! :) Are you still weaning her? (Just asking how that concluded...)