Monday, May 19, 2008


Have you noticed my great looking new blog design? I have two wonderful creators to thank!

I won a contest from The Good Stuff blog: a Silver Design package from RS Designs. So, I chose a 3 column layout, a custom button, and a custom signature.

Didn't Linda do a great job?? Thanks Linda!

Then, I won a blog header, a blog template, and a custom footer from a cyber baby shower for Margie Gunn, sponsored by Shauna from See my Designs! She did a great job, too!

Didn't Shauna do a super job?? Thanks so much Shauna!

Considering a blog change? Check out these great places, and see what these gals can do!

1 comment:

windycindy said...

It is very appropriate for the name and idea behind your site! They did a delightful job. Cindi