Monday, April 20, 2009

X-14~ AN AMAZING product!!

I get so frustrated with mildew! It grows so easily, especially in our shower. Our bathroom has been on our remodel list since we moved in. It is the one bathroom in our home that was built without a fan. So, as you can well imagine, mildew/mold loves to grow in there...and quickly! When Mom Central had a blog tour to review X-14 The Bathroom Expert, I clearly jumped on board to test it out! I was a bit leery, just because of products I have used in the past. I have come across one other product that works similarly as good, but the smell is so toxic and strong. X-14 is amazing~ REALLY!! I just sprayed all around the base of my shower, and let it sit on there. I let it sit about 10 minutes (while I fixed my hair) and then checked on it. The mold was almost completely gone, and I could see the color of my shower again! Seriously, I should have taken pictures, but I am a bit embarrassed of the mildew. I was very shocked at how quickly and effectively the X-14 removed the mildew/mold from our shower with the spray! All I had to do after letting it sit on there, was to rinse it off! I used this on our shower a week ago, and it is still mold free! The X-14 is safe to use on sealed grout, vinyl and plastic surfaces! What is great about the X-14 is it can help remove mold/mildew in all areas of my home, and my pontoon & boat!
I know that X-14 will be a product we will be keeping in our products to clean the house with! I love that I can still breath while using this product, too! I am anxious to try their other products for cleaning my home, too!

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