Monday, April 20, 2009


I had a great blogable moment with Caleb today....we were talking about Rain.

Caleb: Mother, we really could use some rain.
Me: Yes, we sure could! We should pray that God will bring rain.
Caleb: Mother, does rain come from God's sink?
(laughing inside) Me: I am not sure where the rain comes from exactly.\
Caleb: Maybe the rain comes from God's hands.

**He is smart!
Notice the "Mother." Caleb has been really into calling me Mother lately. I think it is super cute!

Caleb has been going through some stage right now. He is not being a very good listener, or being very attentive. I am thinking that may have to do somewhat with his age, and partly because of Cole's presence. I hope he isn't jealous...and if he is, I am really going to work on spending more quality time with him for reassurance.

Tomorrow I am headed to the clinic to have 4 moles removed. I am not looking forward to it at all! I am really rather worried about it. I know I shouldn't be worried...I should give it to God, I know. It is hard not to worry about my health, though. I have skin cancer in my family, and last year, Nathaniel's Dad was diagnosed with Melanoma (a deadly form of skin cancer). Fortunately, his dad is surviving it, and taking measures to help it from spreading. I am just praying that my moles are benign and there is no trace of cancer. I have several, no millions, of moles. I am a pasty white Scandinavian gal, and covered in moles. I have several that the Dr. is going to keep a close eye on that we will more than likely remove in the future. So, after the removal tomorrow, I wait for a week or so for the results.

Last week my hubby worked a LOT with the DNR with fire fighting. His hours at work were really slow, and there was not much work. So, fortunately he was able to work with the State. It doesn't pay that well, but it was something for pay....PLUS, it is what he loves to do~ fight fire. I know our checking account will suffer a bit, and we will have to tighten the belt with spending. I just pray that his hours at his job will really pick up. We really need some overtime pay. God will provide, I know.

Cole is officially rolling over both front to back, and back to front. Last night, I had laid Cole on Caleb's floor while I was making his bed. He was fussing and complaining. I watched him as he was really working on rolling from back to front. Low and behold, He did it!! WOO HOO!! I ran to tell Terry and Nathaniel. Terry told me, "Oh yeah, he did that this morning. He was getting upset with me when I was changing his clothes, and he flipped over. I couldn't remember which way you told me he rolled a few days ago!" Urgh...I missed the first back to tummy roll, but I saw the first tummy to back roll. It's all good! So, my little guy is going through another milestone. He is also reaching for toys, batting at them, and reaching for my face. I love all of it!! :)


Qtpies7 said...

I'm praying for you with the mole situation. I wanted to go with you today, but didn't hear back if you needed anything when I asked on FB.
I am so excited about your greaduation giveaway! I am waiting until a few more people sign up, lol, and then I'll enter when I know what Kaytlin likes for a card. We haven't even set a date yet! Yikes!

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

Aw! Caleb is SO cute!! I love the "mother" thing!! To funny!!

Glad you shared about your mole situation...I will be praying for you and that God would ease your nerves too. I am headed to our hospital's lactation clinic tomorrow...breastfeeding has been rough on me...still in pain after 8 weeks ugh! But I really want to keep at it, so I am praying they can really help me out.

Thats so exciting about Cole rolling!!! A great developmental milestone!!

jpandtheboys said...

I had a mole on my back removed when I was 13. It's not that bad. I hope it went well today and I hope that you will update us.
I can't believe how big Cole is getting. I had that happen to me with Brody so many times when I thought that I saw his first time doing something and then Don would say, OH YEAH he's done that before. It just broke my heart.

TopazTook said...

Hope your doctor's visit went well, and glad to hear that Cole is meeting his milestones.

I'm Losing It! said...

Thanks for the update! It's so much fun to watch those little ones grow and do more new things!