Monday, April 20, 2009

LemonHead Kidz hair accessories

My daughter loves getting dressed up, wearing shoes, and having her hair fixed up with "pretties." I was excited when Family Review Network teamed up with LemonHead Kidz to review their hair accessories! I couldn't wait to see what was coming in the mail for Madelyn! I got a cute flower hair clip, and an adjustable hair band. I saw the flower hair clip, and Madelyn's face lit up! Of coarse she wanted to have in in her hair right away! The flower is a nice size and is visible in her hair. I got the pink silk flower ($6.00). I like that she can wear it with anything with those colors! LemonHead Kidz offers 7 colors of the silk flowers. They also have other clipeez: felt flowers, felt butterflies, felt bows, iridescent bows, and polka dot flowers.

The Bandeez (adjustable hair band, $9.00) that I got to review was the Grosgrain Flower Power in a light pink. It is adorable! I love the pattern that LemonHeads sent me! Pink and Brown are the in colors right now. It looks really cute in Madelyn's hair. I love how it is adjustable and it is made with special Velcro techniques to keep the band in my daughter's fine hair. LemonHead Kidz offers several patterns to choose from for the Bandeez! One I know my neice would love is the Grosgrain Pink Camouflage!

LemonHead Apparel LLC, founded by Noeui Lalonde, wanted something better for their daughter's hair! With their little two-year-old taking apart the hair clips and the embellishments, the frustrations were building....not to mention the check book. Clipeez were born, and stayed in their daughter's fine hair!! The Bandeez Headbands were originally designed for their two-year-old. Their headbands are fully adjustable, and they fit infants to moms on-the-go. They're designed to not slip or slide on heads of any size. They don't use magnets or hot glue, and NOTHING squeezed out of a bottle like silicone or rubber. The premium patented GRIPSTRIP is made of a unique reliable material that is identical in every clip. LemonHead Kidz have also patented several processes to make the Clipeez and attach embelishments reliably to their Clipeez that is so secure it impresses every time.

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TopazTook said...

Those are so cute. I may have to get some for me when I figure out my hairstyle and/or wardrobe.