Friday, April 3, 2009

Leslie Patricelli's books~

Our kids love books, and reading is such a great activity to do with them! I love the books that Leslie Patricelli writes, because her books are colorful, few words, and comical. We just got two of her most recent books to review through Team Mom and Candlewick Press, and we love them! My kids were happily entertained with "Higher! Higher!" This story is about a little girl who is enjoying her swing. She keeps going higher and higher. The pictures show her going higher up into the sky and the world below keeps getting smaller and smaller. The words are very limited...higher, hi, high five, bye and again. The words are big, and since there isn't too many words, I think it is easy for kids to "read" this story to you. My kids giggled when she met someone on her journey higher! Higher! Higher! is sold in stores or online for $15.99.
"Baby Happy Baby Sad" is a book about emotions. I enjoy Leslie's pictures to show what each emotion looks like. The words are simple, Baby Happy, Baby a few words that the baby exclaims. My kids think the pictures of the baby are funny! Baby Happy Baby Sad is sold in stores or online for $6.99.
Leslie Patricelli, author and illustrator, has received glowing reviews from magazines such as Scholastic Parent and Child and School Library Journal.
I highly recommend Leslie Patricelli's books for your children! They are fun, engaging, and word encouraging.


Nicki said...

OMG, Pufferfish ADORES those books! The first time I picked up YES YES NO NO in the Target aisle and read it to her, she kept saying "more, more" and trying to read it on her own, so I had to buy it! She calls it her "No no book." She also loves the happy-sad one, and the yucky-yummy one. The thing I love about them is that the words are so easy, Pufferfish can say them herself, so she actually reads along with me aloud, just like a big kid!

Qtpies7 said...

I love the books! The Baby Happy book makes me crack up!