Friday, February 1, 2008

Natural Superwoman: Book Review

I think the Natural Superwoman is a good book for information on natural healing and taking care of one body. It was interesting to read what he said about the Depo shot for birth control. It was very interesting. I am not a big fan of birth control, anyway, and his point really confirmed my thoughts against it. (At least that alturnative). It describes what specific hormones can enhance energy, sexuality, and memory; heal dry skin ,and treat sleep disorders. How to alleviate anxiety and depression and eliminate night sweats. How adjusting your diet help with weight loss can also promote sound sleep, bone health, cardiovascular benefits, and more! I think he had made good and clear points about the important difference between standard chemical hormone prescriptions and natural hormone replacements. I am all about using our natural resources, so this was beneficial. He also described which hormone replacements are best for you and how to adjust them to your maximum individual benefit. Another point he made was how to choose the most effective hormonal gel, cream, pill, or sublingual drops, and when to use them. I like how he challenges the reader to ask their own physician about anything he mentions in the book if they want to try something. Some of the things mentioned in the book are a little down the road for me, but it covers topics such as anxiety, depression, relieving stress, memory problems...ok, I know I have a few areas here I could be going through. I know it is a book I will continue to pick up now and then. It is a good manual to keep handy for you or another person close to you.
Uzzi Reiss, M.D., O.B./GYN, is the author of this women's medical book. He, and his daughter Yfat Reiss Gendell wrote the book. He is a a physician with more than thirty years of experience understanding and working with the personal needs of women. I like what he stands by with this: " First, to supply these woman nutritional alternatives to their problems such as diet, stress release, physical activity, vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutritional supplementation. Second, a) to give to these women the most updated information on why bioidentical hormones are safe, healthy, and important for our well being at any age; b) why avoiding taking bioidentical hormones, if needed, has a devastating effect on your health c) why it is even more dangerous to use chemicalized hormones to resolve your hormonal imbalance problem."
Want a copy of Natural Superwoman? Amazon has them on sale for $16.47 right now. This book has a retail value of $24.95.

Uzzi Reiss's website: Uzzi Reiss's Website
Publisher's website: Publisher's Website
CBS interview: CBS's interview with Uzzi Reiss

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