Monday, February 25, 2008

Here is the scoop on the past weekend...

I am sorry I have been away from the "Bloggin'" World this weekend. We have kept pretty busy, in spite of some sickness. Terry's mom came down for the weekend. She had a car appointment on Friday, so she came to stay (even though we had some sick bugs here). Friday, Terry was home sick from work. He was pretty sick. I am so glad he is better now. Friday night, I brought Nathaniel down to his Dad's, then I picked up my MIL. Her car had to spend the night at the shop. It worked out great to pick her up, because the car shop was on the way. Friday night we just watched a movie at home. Saturday morning I went to my WW meeting, and I am so glad I did! I hit 41 1/2 pounds of loss! I couldn't believe that I loss that much! Did you know that is a whole bag of dog food!! That is so amazing to me! I can't believe that I have shed that much weight! I started my journey to weight loss, food management, and healthier lifestyle in September. Here I am 40+ gone! YA HOO!!~~

Saturday we just hung out during the day, I did something I said I would never do by coloring my own hair!I colored my own hair
(with the help of my MIL). I have been going to my hairstylist for YEARS now, but I just had a desire to try it out. I wasn't really sure how the whole thing worked. I have been told that it looks great, but it is such a drastic change for me. My hair has gotten so dark over the years. Normally I just do highlighting and low lighting. So, going all blonde with some sparatic reddish colors and darks, it is a big change. Seriously, I scare myself every time I look in the mirror because I forget!
In the evening on Saturday, Terry and I got to go out for a date night!
It was wonderful! We went to a local bowling alley/Bar & Grill. It is pretty new, and it was a lot of fun! We decided to do the "Moonlight" bowling. We paid our fee and then we got to play unlimited bowling. The price included shoes. It was so fun to bowl! I haven't been bowling for about 4 years! I used to be on a bowling league, and I loved it! I really miss the league...but someday I will do it again! I think Terry and I played about 13-15 games!! It was crazy! It was only him and I on the lane. For this moonlight bowling, they had different contests going on. They had tickets that people could buy, and when the ticket was drawn, the holder got to take a chance at a strike. If they stuck out, they won $100. We also had the color pin wins...where if the color pins are in a certain formation, you won a certain dollar amount based on where they were if you got a strike. One other game they had was they had a random person throw the ball, and whatever amount of pins they got down that was the "base number." Then, they would have everyone on that frame throw their ball. If they happened to get the amount of the "base number" down or better, they won $10. Over all, we got about $16 dollars back. It was a lot of fun. Terry and I were so sore on Sunday, and I am really feeling sore today, too!

Sunday, we went to church in the morning. Then, we decided to head to the Chinese buffet for lunch. Side note: Our church was hosting a "Brazilian" food fundraiser for lunch, but we really didn't have any thing for the kids. (Sorry to my friends from church reading this because we didn't go). I hope to go on a mission trip someday! I would love to go to Brazil or Haiti someday. I have friends in Haiti. Sunday afternoon, we just hung out at home and relaxed. Terry decided to brush off the snowmobile and take it for a spin. He also took Caleb for a ride. They had some fun, but it wasn't a real long ride. It was a beautiful day outside...sunny and warm (for MN)!

Sunday night, Terry and I went to pick up Nathaniel. We stopped an looked at some cars on the way home. We have to get a little commuter car to help save on gas. Terry drives 45 minutes each way to work everyday. We also drive 4 hours every other weekend to bring Nathaniel to his dad's. So, getting a good gas mileage car is a necessity! Today, I am back to work! I was so happy to get back to watching Claudia! She is practically running now. She has really picked up the trade of walking! She is such a little honey pie! I love her little smile and cheeky grin! She is just a little sunshine! I think all the kids were happy to be together again. We had a little incident where Caleb thought he might want to bite her! I have no idea why he even thought to do that, or where it came from! I really hope that was the last time he tries that! He was a little bit on the testy side today, and I hope tomorrow is a better day. Tonight, I went to MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) and we had our Spa-Night! It was a great night of pampering! We had a YOGA session, eye brow waxing, hair cuts, foot spa, hand massage and paraffin waxing, make-up counsel, and a natural product line. It was a relaxing and an enjoyable evening. I even won a Mary Kay body wash product! Please be sure to sign up for the contests I have up: Signing Time!,
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Jen said...

Sounds like you had a really busy week. Just reading it got me tired. :)

CONGRAT'S on your weight loss!! That is so awesome!! I've lost 23 lbs.. was doing better before I had got sick a month ago. I fell of the wagon and haven't had good luck getting back on. Thankfully I'm not gaining any back.. but I still have quite aways to go yet.

That bowling sounds like fun. That's something we haven't done in a LONG time. I don't even remember the last time we went. oops!

jpandtheboys said...

Sarah I am so proud of you. BTW you look beautiful. I can tell you have lost weight just by your picture. I love when you blog about your life. That is my favorite. Probably because we dont't see each other enough. I can a glimpse into what and how you are doing. I want to see more pictures of those beautiful children. I will have to bring my camera when I come up for the day so that we can document it. love you.

Qtpies7 said...

Whew! I feel so lost without talking to you, and I can't believe we were both at church and I didn't see you! I saw Terry and Cheryl.
But now I'm all caught up!
I'm working my butt off. Mom left Maine this morning, so it is really happening! And Soon!