Monday, February 18, 2008

Poor Sweet Baby~

My little Princess got sick today!! We were over at Miss Claudia's house, and during lunch Madelyn projectile puked! It wasn't a whole lot, so I didn't really put much thought into it. She really didn't have much breakfast, and lunch was very minimal. I nursed her on an off threw the night, but she hadn't nursed yet in the morning. After lunch, I sat with Madelyn to try and nurse her. I usually nurse her after lunch. So, she tried a little bit, and was not interested anymore. She was just kind of out of it. Then, she got that "look" and puke! All over me, all over her, and I was making a mad dash to the bathroom! (Remember I am not in my home)! I had to take a shower with Madelyn and borrow a pair of clothes from Candace. I felt so bad, (1) For Madelyn...she has to go threw the "flu" bug AGAIN! and, (2) she was sick at Candace's house...exposing this to Claudia! So, it has been a sad evening. Madelyn has not kept anything down, and I fear that she is getting dehydrated. What do I do??? I can't force her to nurse or take Pedialyte! Please pray for my little baby girl!

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Sniz said...

I pray that she didn't get deehydrated. Is she better now? That stupid flu bug is vicious and it's EVERYWHERE! Nearly everyone in my extended family have had it and tons of people in our church...don't feel bad about being at your friend's house. I don't think that germ can be avoided.