Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kids Preferred toys

I love the book "Clap & Sing" from Amazing Baby! It has nursey rhymes with pictures and a musical cd with it. It is a sing-along board book with animal tags to find the song easier. If you open the dog tag, you will open to the song, "Hey Diddle, Diddle." I think it helps the kids learn the nursery rhymes in a fun way. I do think the cd is relaxing, so it may be a super time to listen and read close to nap time. I think the pictures are great! I really love stacking the colorful, crinkly, and fun shapes on the tower of the Stacking Toy with Madelyn! She loves the sound of the crinkling. I like the colors, patterns, and the blacks & whites on the shapes.

I really enjoy reading to the kids! I know it is really helpful if the books are fun to read, and colorful, too! I have come across very colorful books! Elmer the Patchwork Elephant is a great, and lovable character adapted from the Author David McKee. Elmer is known to millions for his happy-go-lucky attitude and very appealing personality. This helps the children learn to celebrate the difference in others. Caleb really enjoys the two books we have: Elmer's Day and Elmer's Weather. Madelyn is just starting to like the books, but she likes to chew on Elmer the patchwork PLUSH elephant!

Another great product that is super for the asthmatics (such as Caleb...we think) is a line of product that is Asthma Friendly Certified!
I think this is so wonderful, considering so many "dust mites" linger on everything. Kids love playing with stuffed animals...and hugging them. Now there is a product line that they can love up all they want!

The instructions come with each plush animal on how to keep the product in a low allergen state. All you have to do is freeze/wash/dry and repeat that cycle every 4-8 weeks. The asthma friendly testing standards and methods were developed by Allergy Standards Limited (ASL), which is a physician led organization. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America adopted these standards and methods.

All these items are from the Kids Preferred product line of great toys for kids and adults. Kids Preferred, LLC is an award-winning division of Kids Preferred, Inc. KPI is one of the largest plush toy manufacturers in the U.S. KPI distributes soft toys and gifts under its private label and licensed brands including amazing baby, asthma friendly, The World of Beatrix Potter, Bacladi, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Charlie & Lola, Elmer, Emily Goes Wild, The World of Eric Carle, Guess How Much I Love You, Harley-Davidson, NASCAR, and The Snowman.

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Qtpies7 said...

Those do look fun. I bet Sam would love the elephant and the stacking rings, too. Trinity is into books. Sam, well, not so much, lol.