Thursday, February 7, 2008

Froose: A review

There is a new, and AWESOME drink out on the market called FROOSE. It was invented by a mom, Denise L. Devine (CEO & Founder), who knew the dangers of children drinking too many juices and filling up on empty calories. She was like many, and assumed that 100% fruit juice was good for young children. Besides, other than water and milk, there were no alternatives. She wanted to develop a beverage for young children that would have a similar taste and texture to fruit juice but that was whole food based: a “disguised” juice for her son. With the drink "tasting like juice" her son wouldn't know any different, but his body would. With her research, she found the value of whole grains. Not only are they heart healthy and promote good cholesterol levels from an early age, but they contain both soluble and insoluble fiber which young children need to maintain regularity and in the long term prevent certain types of cancers.
There are three flavors of Froose: Cheerful Cherry, Playful Peach, and Perfect Pear. I think Playful Peach is my personal favorite!
Here are some facts:
*Great Tasting
*Made with all natural whole food ingredients
*Naturally Low in sugar
*Sweetened with organic brown rice syrup, a complex carbohydrate (which means - no sugar highs and no empty calories.)
*A good source of fiber: 3 grams (soluble & insoluble)
*Aids in digestion
*Loaded with complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
*Conveniently packaged and Shelf Stable
*Appealing and fun graphics to help children associate good health with fun
*Child appropriate 4.23 fl. oz. serving size to prevent waste and over consumption
*Made with organic ingredients
*Kosher Certified
I really like everything the Froose has to offer! I think it tastes great! Nathaniel, Caleb and I LOVE it! Plus, it is very Weight Watcher-friendly (to which I am a member). *smile* I highly prefer this over juice. I am very careful how much juice my kids get because of the sugar content...looks like I have found a better alternative! Click here to buy Froose!

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Qtpies7 said...

Oh, I wish I was on this tour! We need something that is friendly to our bodies so Kayltin can get off the fiber supplements. (that stopped her bleeding!)