Friday, February 22, 2008

Round and round with the "bug" and a funnies.

Well, Madelyn is on the mend (still) with having loose diapers yet today. Terry got blasted with the gut rot and running to the bathroom last night. We both felt nausiated last night. Terry did go to work this morning for a few hours, but then came home. At least we both have stayed away from the vomit...that is so nasty! I really, REALLY hope Caleb and Nathaniel are spared from this very unwelcome bug! We have had the stomach bug envade our home 2 times this year, and it is very unnerving! Anyway...we are slowing going uphill from here (knock on wood...better yet, PLEASE DEAR LORD!)

Funny thing today, Terry had sat on our recliner for a bit when he got home, then he moved to the couch. A few hours later (maybe only an hour), I was wondering where Lena was. I started calling for her, then going up and down the stairs calling for her. I thought, "Oh no, did I let her out, and forget about her?" Again, I called her...I heard her chain around her collar jingle, but where in the world was she?? Here Lena...Terry said it sounded like she was behind the couch. That's impossible, because there is nothing there...."HERE LENA!!!! Lena, COME!"
I was upstairs this time for the third time. Terry said, she is under the chair! Oh, my goodness! Poor, Poor Lena!! We are so sorry...The chair got closed on her, and she was trapped under the recliner! ~~She was ok, and I am glad we found her~~but, it is kind of funny!


Jen said...

I really hope you guys start feeling better soon & like you said Caleb and Nathaniel don't catch it!!

Poor Lena!! LOL

Sniz said...

That is weird about Lena! I can't believe she didn't whine non-stop until you got her out!
As someone whose family has all been sick pretty much non-stop for a week with vomiting and diarrhea, I feel for you. I'm right with you with "Please, Lord, let it stop!" Last week was a complete wash and I still feel yucky. I HAVE to pull it together to plan for next week so it goes better than this one.

Working Mother of three said...

We are all sick here too, except my wrestlers...but Brad is and I have had a bad cold (AGAIN!!!) and Cade has an ear infection! And I keep forgetting to give him his medicine....I hate that!

Anyway, Love ya and I think you are awesome....BTW, that little girl of yours looks EXACTLY like you! How precious!