Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yoplait Kids

Nathaniel and Caleb love yogurt, and I am happy that it is good for them! I like that it is nutritional, too! Yoplait has come out with a new yogurt product line, called Yoplait Kids. It has 25% less sugar than the average leading kid's yogurts. I like that it is an excellent source of calcium, contains vitamins A &D, and it has DHA for good brain development. There are no artificial sweetners or flavors, and it has live and active yogurt cultures.
There are 7 different flavors: strawberry, banana, mixed berry, strawberry banana, strawberry vanilla strawberry, vanilla banana, and peach strawberry banana. We tried the mixed berry yogurt smoothie and the peach yogurt cups. They are very tasty! Caleb likes the yogurt smoothies. They have 3 different ways you can enjoy your yogurt: smooth, spoonable yogurt in a cup, or drinkable yogurt in a bottle.
I really like that the yogurt is blended smooth. There are no chunks in it. I feel confident to give it to Maddie, and not worry about her choking on it. The texture of the yogurt is "spoon-hugging" which means it won't fall off the spoon! This is great for "newbie" eaters like Maddie. I like the idea of less mess and letting her feed herself! I really like that the smoothies are only 3.1 ounces. I think it is the perfect amount.
Want to try it?? Right now, Yoplait is offering a free coupon (click on the "free coupon icon" on the page) so your kids can discover this delicious treat for themselves. Hurry on over and get yours today!

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