Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Madelyn is my little baby who LOVES to be held almost always. She isn't a big sleeper in her crib, and I pretty much Co-Sleep with her at night.
I LOVE the Amby Baby motion bed that I got! It is the ONE sleeper product that works for Miss Madelyn! She loved it from the moment she first tried it. I laid her in there and she just smiled from ear to ear. She loved how it smoothly rocked her. She loved just looking around. It was so relaxing for her that she fell asleep!! She has always needed to be held to go to sleep before the Amby Baby motion bed!! It is a Hammock that hugs her little body. I couldn't believe that she took over an hour nap, too! She is usually a short napper. It is a soft canvas and netting, and it is super! The hammock's materials are made of all-natural 100% cotton fabric! I wish I had this in an adult size!
**Amby Baby is the official manufacturer of The Amby Baby Motion Bed - a natural alternative sleeping bed designed to help infants sleep peacefully during their first year of development. The Amby Baby Motion Bed mimics the natural movements, within the mother's womb creating a feeling of security and promotes longer sleep durations for baby. The Amby Baby hammock motion bed design has an upright, angled position assisting babies with natural sleep, colic and reflux.**The Amby Baby Hammock is an early development product designed for newborns up to 12 months. Each package includes a spring equipped to hold up to 25 pounds. A heavy-duty spring may be purchased separately which holds up to 40 pounds. The Amby Baby Jump Jump is recommended up to 25 pounds. The Amby Baby is super safe and certified! You can read about it here: http://www.ambybaby.com/jpma-certified.php**
Amby helps:
Infant Colic
Infant reflux
Premature babies
Restless sleepers
Short nappers
**Amby Baby Motion Hammocks are available in blue, white and natural raw cotton. All fabrics are 100% cotton, but the natural cotton color is free of any dies or chemicals and is a true natural "raw cotton." **
The Amby Baby comes complete with mattress, frame, spring, hammock and crossbar, set of two matching fitted sheets and a travel bag. You can also get accessories to go with the Amby Baby: Safe and Sound Cuddle Snugglers, Mosquito net, and a Jump Jump. I really want to get the Jump Jump (like a Johnny jump up) because you don't need a door frame to hook it up, and it looks so sturdy.
I love the Amby Baby, and I recommend it for everyone!! We love ours, and I know we will use it a lot for our next baby, too!!


Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

those beds look amazing. i'd like one in adult size please. :)

Jen said...

I've heard these things are awesome! To bad I don't have an infant anymore. :(

Qtpies7 said...

Wow, Maddie sure looks happy! She is a tough one to get to sleep, so I know how much you appreciate the Amby Baby!

Daisy said...

Awesome! How I wish I had one of those with my first one!! She was an terrible sleeper. I remember fighting terribly with the next two as well. Things seemed to get better with the last few kiddos except for Emily being a night-owl. She regularly goes to sleep after 10:30. Last week she went to sleep at 8:00 and I was so shocked! We are praying for Maddie. Poor little sweetie!

FloridaWife said...

Hi!!! I found your blog when doing a search on "ambybaby" and "review." I have a question, if you would help me and post the response to my blog? I am due in 3 weeks with my first baby. I assembled my ambybaby today. What if baby leaks outside his diapers? That mattress is not waterproof. Did you do anything about that? Or make any other adjustments to the product? I am really appreciative of whatever new advice you can give on the ambybaby. I'm looking forward to using it when I come home from the hospital with him. God bless.