Sunday, February 3, 2008

Future Artist?

Caleb is loving writing on EVERYTHING!! He starts with paper (as he should) but somehow those walls, floors, tables, books, and now the door looks so much more fun to him!

We ask him to just ask for paper and he can draw all he wants...but those fingers tell him to try other things. The other night, we were finishing up supper, and Caleb got down with a pen. A little while later, Nathaniel asked what Caleb was doing. Then, he realized that Caleb was writing on our door. Fortunately we have not painted, or finished the trim around the door yet. We are waiting to do that until after we paint our walls. So, Terry asked him what he was doing, and Caleb said, "Writting." Terry did not like that at all. After informing him (FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME) that he is not to write on anything other than paper, got him a wash cloth with water and soap.

Caleb had to wash all the marks off the door. As he was doing this, he started saying that his arm hurt and he didn't want to do this anymore. Then Terry said, "Well you should think about that the next time you want to write on the door. Where should you write on, Caleb?" Then, he said, "Only on paper." Today is the third day that he has gone without writting on non-paper items...we will see how long this lasts. I think I will buy him an Aquadoodle or a Doodle pro for his birthday. *grin*


Jennifer said...

hahaha... that's so cute. I guess he learned a good lesson. Hey... I miss you. Oh guess what.. Melissa had baby number four. Trig Favre Schaefer. :) He was 7lbs and two weeks early.

Sniz said...

Writing on anything other than paper is SOOOO much more fun!

Movers4life said...

Good times! LOL!! Lessons learned:)! I'm with ya on the Doodle pro, I'm sure he would love it!

Qtpies7 said...

I say frame it and appreciate it, lol. Not that I did with the first five kids, but now I love it, even though I tell them not to do it. One day I won't have little children, they'll all be grown and gone and I will miss the pretty pictures that they drew for me.

The Token Old Lady said...

When my son Joel, was about that age, (he's now 24), he wrote on our front door with a PERMANENT black marker! He had gotten in all kinds of other trouble earlier that week, so in the interest of saving his skin...this mom found some matching brown paint, repainted the door before his father got home...and he was none the wiser!
I guess Joel didn't learn much from that experience, but sometimes just for the survival of their child, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!