Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just around the corner....puberty~

I need to start preparing myself for "the talk" with Nathaniel. He is nine years old. This is his first exposure in the public school and bus riding. I am ok with the school, but it is the bus that I don't like. He picks up so much crud from that 20 minute ride to and from school. If it weren't for adding a lot more driving and bundling up my little ones...I would just drive him back and forth and forget the bus all together. I am thankful that he is a Christian, and that he prays for the kids on the bus. I am thankful that he has a "missionary heart" and wants everyone to be saved. He even prays for his little brother and sister to come to know the Lord someday. I LOVE THAT ABOUT HIM!
So far this school year I have been asked 2 questions about the human anatomy. The first question, which happened around December, was, "Mom, what is sperm?" uhhh...ok, I wasn't expecting that question. After a few seconds, I said, "Where did you hear that?" Then, he said kids on the bus say it all the time. Then, he asked again what it was. I told him that it was something in a man's body that helped make babies. That answer was sufficient enough. Well, this last week I got blasted with a new question....
"Mom, what is a vagina?" Oh dear...well, I asked where he heard that. Again, he mentioned the lovely kids on the bus. He said they say it and laugh about it a lot. I told him it was a female body part. I also told him that another name for it is the birth canal. Again, that answer was sufficient enough. I know that he is searching for answers, and I am not sure how much he has been told. I DO know that he is wanting the truth, and I want him to know the truth...and not some kid's distorted version of the truth. I reassured him that he can always ask any question...without fear. No matter what it is about, I would rather him ask me and feel like he can talk to me. I have always told him answers, and more often than not, I do give more than he is asking. BUT~ I want him to hear it from me. I know the "talk" needs to happen ASAP. I hope that God will really inspire me with the words to say. I pray that Nathaniel will always be comfortable talking to me about what's going on. I need to pray that I will handle different encounters in a loving, and God-guided way. I pray that I will be a Godly-mom...and that Nathaniel will make wise choices that will honor God. I pray that his mind and heart will be protected from all the worldly garbage out there. I pray that he remains pure in heart and mind.


Qtpies7 said...

you did a great job both times! I know you will handle the talk just fine.

Milk Mama said...

Praise God! You are raising him to serve the Lord and that's just what he'll do! What a sweetheart! =)