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Zhu Zhu Flo dance and the Zhu-niverse 2010 Tour!!

The Zhu Zhu pets are quite entertaining, and they are a great little pet for kids. You don't have to "care" for your Zhu Zhu pet as you would a live pet, so they make great little pets for your kids if you don't want the responsibility and work that a live pet can bring.
Zhu Zhu pets cam out with a new line of friends called the KUNG ZHU. Our family loves the Kung Zhu's! These are warriors: ninjas and special forces. These Zhu Zhu's have shields, armor and special vehicles. To kick off the new Kun Zhu pets, the Zhu Zhu's are visiting 20 cities this summer and fall with the Zhu-niverse Tour, and welcomes all fans to come live for a day like the Zhu’s. Our family had a great time checking out the Zhu-niverse Tour at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN on June 5th, 2010. I think that visiting the Tour is a great way to introduce your children to the Zhu Zhu's and get in on all the fun!
I think the set up at the Mall of America was was a rainy day, the Zhu-niverse was indoors, and people were everywhere! There were a few other events at the Mall of America that day, so it was great for even more people to check out the Zhu-niverse! There was a life size hamster habitat trail and wheel. My kids loved that!
There were four large tables of Zhu Zhu pets, accessories and habitats for kids to play with. The sets included the original Zhu Zhu sets as well as the new Kung Zhu pets/habitats/accessories.
Geoffrey, the Toys R Us giraffe, was there to greet all the children. Toys R Us is one of the main stores that sell the Zhu Zhu pets. My kids had a great time saying, "Hi" to Geoffrey and giving him a hug.
The Zhu-niverse had so much activity available for the kids! The staff and volunteers led kids in games, like pick the correct Zhu Zhu pet, land on the Zhu Zhu's birth mark, and more. There were prizes awarded like stickers, postcards, and tie string bags.

The live hamster habitat was such a blast! The kids had a great time pretending they were Zhu Zhu pets. Check out this cute video my oldest son took of the younger kids:

Here is a picture of Madelyn near the end of the habitat, next to Mr. Squiggles.
The kids had a great time playing the Zhu Zhu pets game on the Nintendo DSi gaming station.
It was great that there were several gaming systems so several children can play at the same time. The kids all loved the game...traveling with their Zhu Zhu pets.
Even my husband and our 17 month old had a great time playing the game.
Cole was so excited to play with the Zhu Zhu pets. He was just amazed at how they moved around. I like the little police car that is in front of him.
This is a very colorful set up for the Zhu Zhu pets!
There was a station set up where kids could play, "Which Zhu are YOU?" With answering questions about what they like, activities they enjoy, etc. the computer matches up the child to a Zhu Zhu pet they are most like based on their answers. After it picks the Zhu Zhu you are most like, the computer will take your picture and fit it in the body of a Zhu Zhu pet. With a plastic card, you have a special number and instruction to go online and view/order your photos.
Kung Zhu Training Grounds were a big hit for my kids. I think they spend most of the time training for Kung Zhu wars. The Training grounds started off with a race through the matted tunnel can see Cole's legs in this photo.
Then the kids run through another tunnel and climb up on a stool to reach the monkey bars.

They quickly reach across to go through the monkey bars (Madelyn is getting some help from bigger brother).
Almost to the finish line, the kids need to run through the fierce ninjas and special forces (large mats that were standing upright).
At the end of the race, the kids got to hit the big cymbal for a big "DONG." Cole loved hitting the mallet on the cymbal. Once they hit the bell, they got a sticker for their achievement.
Here is a couple pictures of the Kung Zhu Zhu pets, home, and accessories. The kids really like the new additions.
Be sure to check out the Zhu-niverse if they are coming near you!~
Upcoming events for the rest of the summer for the Zhu-niverse Tour!
Belleville National Strawberry Festival, Detroit, MI (Belleville, MI)
Friday - Sunday, June 18-20
Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI
Saturday - Monday, June 26-28
Naperville Ribfest, Chicago, IL (Naperville, IL)
Thursday - Sunday, July 1-4
Taste of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Saturday - Sunday, July 10-11
New England Sand Sculpting Festival, Boston, MA (Revere, MA)
Friday - Sunday, July 16-18
QuickChek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning, Trenton, NJ (Readington, NJ)
Friday - Sunday, July 23-25
Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Friday - Sunday, July 30-August 1
Also, at the Zhu-niverse you could get up on the platform and dance to the new Zhu Zhu Flo song. I had a party gathering before attending the Zhu-niverse and we tried the song out. I think the song is a bit easier for older kids (like ages 5 and up). The kids we had at the party were under 6. So, it was harder for them, but they still had a blast. We had some Pizza Hut pizza to kick off the Zhu Zhu flo party, and then got to work learning the dance. Here are some photos and a video from learning the Zhu Zhu flo.

The Zhu Zhu flo is on a DVD and we had instructions, video with music, and a fun Zhu Zhu pet video after the song.
The kids had fun dancing to the music and learning it, however I don't think they were too anxious to learn a new song.
My daughter loves the Zhu Zhu flo song, and really gets into the dance. Sometimes she makes up her own little dance, too. If we had wanted to, our group could have performed the Zhu Zhu flo dance at the Zhu-niverse tour, but I think the kids were just not quite ready for that yet.

It is a fun dance to learn, and I think it is fun that the Zhu Zhu's have their own dance song.

Thanks to Mom Select and Zhu Zhu pets I was able to host a Zhu Zhu flo party. I was sent a gift card to pizza hut to purchase snacks for our party. I was given information on the Zhu-niverse Tour from Mom Select, and given information to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review. The Zhu-niverse Tour is a free event and open to the public.

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