Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring fun just a'muddin'!!

I can't believe this weather we have been blessed with so far this spring in Minnesota. We have been outdoors a lot and my kids have so much fun together. I haven't posted much of what we have been doing, but I took these photos a few weeks ago when the temperature was 70 degree's+.
Nathaniel giving Cole a ride on the trike. Cole hasn't quite got the hang of pedaling yet, but maybe by the end of summer. He sure loves rides, though.
Nathaniel and Caleb. I think they kind of look alike in this photo. Nathaniel is 11 and Caleb is almost 5.
I love this photo! Notice Caleb aiming at the photographer (me). :) I think Madelyn's face is pretty comical in this photo, too.
Ahhh, sweet love. I love the expression on each of their faces.
Nathaniel really is growing into a young man. I can't believe how much he is changing.
Madelyn is riding Caleb's bike. She got a new bike for her birthday from Grandma, but we need to exchange it for a smaller one due to her size. :)
Caleb loves being outside, riding his bike, climbing trees and digging in the dirt. Speaking of dirt...Nathaniel decided to make a few ditches, culverts, and streams (ahem, ...lakes).
Dirt, Check! Bucket, Check! Water, Check! Kids ready for play, Check!
Cole was ready to dig in. I totally enjoyed watching the kids at work, both with each other, and individually. It was a blast snapping photos.
Madelyn's expression is priceless on this photo! I love Caleb's dirty hands, too!
Cole had an idea...
"let's see what dirt tastes like..."
"hmmm...not so much!"
Caleb was really getting into the creation!
Let the waters pour out...and see what happens!

"Look mom, I made a mud ball!"
Friends came over to play and join in the fun! Caleb had a smidgen of dirt on his nose.

Ok, time to really get into the dirt! My kids were so dirty muddy, that I said to just get down to the diaper. It was so nice outside, and they were having such fun!
Yes!! Cool muddy water to trot through!

It was a great afternoon/evening. The kids had such a grand time, and they made memories. The dirt in our back yard has brought so many smiles already this year. It isn't a sand box, but they don't mind. It is handy living on the lake...they have endless water supply (and it is free).


TopazTook said...

Those are some great pictures, and it really has been a nice spring this year!

Qtpies7 said...

What a mess! LOL I'll take the sand box, thanks, haha. I know the kids love getting muddy. Donnie let Sam play in the garden before he planted, and he was a mess. But a very happy boy.

Anna said...

It looks like they had a lot of fun. But I bet the bath water was pretty black after they were done. What fun for them though

Joyful Noise said...

Mud is always better than sand...