Friday, April 2, 2010

Bob The Builder: Heavy Duty Diggers DVD

My son loves construction sites and the BIG machines, and lately he has been just fasinated with watching them. He was thrilled when we got the all-new CG animated series starring Bob the Builder and his can-do crew builds its foundation on DVD in Bob the Builder: Heavy Duty Diggers (March 23, 2010)from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. See Bob, Muck, Scoop, Digger, Wendy, Roley and the rest of the machine team in nuts and bolts action with a fresh new animated look. It’s time to get busy fixing and building as Bob and his friends show that teamwork, positive thinking and problem-solving will equip future builders with the right Can-Do attitude to tackle any project!

See Bob the Builder and the Can-Do Crew like never before through the power of CG animation! Bob and the team are hard at work in their new location in Harbor Town where Lofty leads the construction of a new ocean pier and transforms an old shack into a surf school; Scratch, the newest addition to the Top Team, is digging his way into all sorts of adventures with Scoop at the museum; and Scrambler attempts to build a tree house at the school by himself. Grab your hard hat and get ready to find out why the fun is in getting it done!

Episodes Include:
· Scratch’s Hidden Treasures
· Scrambler’s Best Idea
· High Tide for Lofty
· Scoop the Artist
· Lofty and the Monster
We recommend this DVD and my son just loves watching this DVD! I think that the Bob the Builder DVD's are educational as well as entertaining.
You can purchase this DVD online from Lionsgate, or other retailers, and also found in your local retail stores.
This review was provided from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. They have provided me with a free DVD to review and information to share with my readers. I was given the product for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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