Saturday, December 19, 2009

Disney On Ice: Princess Classics~ AMAZING show!!

What an amazing show!! My dream to see Disney on Ice came true! It was well worth the wait! However, I highly suggest you make every effort to go see this amazing show...and bring your kids! Seriously, Disney on Ice is a spectacular show...with the dazzling lights, amazing performers, eye catching props, breathtaking moments. My family and I completely enjoyed this amazing, fun-family event! Being a Feld Family Activator, I was able to attend this show, and bring my family. I was also given special coupon codes that I shared with you earlier this month, and let you all know about my experiences. I am honored to be an FFA, and forever grateful!
We started the evening off with a meet & greet...first stop: Meeting Cinderella!

Madelyn was just tickled pink to meet Cinderella. She was such a beautiful princess! What a great way to start off our fun evening. I think Madelyn was completely in awe over the whole event. She was so impressed with Cinderella.
After getting a photo with Cinderella, we went in to a room with the other FFA members and had a great selection of treats (fit for a princess~or a prince), received big coloring books (Terry enjoyed the coloring), and got some great Princess glasses. The kids had a great time, and the food was very good.
Then, we went to our amazing seats! We were in Row 2 at the Xcel Center. I couldn't believe how close we were! I was ecstatic! I am just so thankful for this special opportunity~ especially for Christmas! It was fun to share this with my family.
Minnie and Minnie Mouse started the show off. Minnie and Mickey were so cute~ Disney's most beloved characters!
The setting for the show was spectacular. There was one main palace, but with each Princess/Prince scene it transformed to fit the character. The first ones to take the floor was Princess Jasmine and Prince Ali~ Aladdin! I was so impressed with the elephant: Abu (monkey) transformed to an elephant. There was two skaters inside this massive animal, and Aladdin came out riding on his back. Very exciting! The Genie was very animated, and even went out into the audience and sat with a little girl.
Next in the show was Princess Aurora~ Sleeping Beauty. I love how Disney on Ice gave glimpses into each character's story. I loved watching the ice skating moves. So much talent on the ice! was Snow White. The Dwarfs were a lot of fun to watch. They brought out a table where they ate, and next it was transformed into the bed that Snow White was laid down on. I think such brilliance was put into the production of Disney On Ice: Princess Classics!
I love this shot of Snow White twirling. Maddie said that she wants to do that....go around 'n around on the ice.

Later on in the show, all the Princesses and their Princes came out in their beautiful dresses just before the intermission. I was starting to feel sad, thinking this was the end of the show. I did not want it to end yet. I was entirely enjoying the show! To my luck, it was just an intermission.

After intermission, Minnie and Mickey came out again. Another famous Disney character joined them: Goofy. Caleb told me that he was excited to see Goofy, and I didn't think he would be at the show~ thankfully he was. Goofy was on a mission: he carried the glass slipper, and an important message from the king.
That's right, that last part of the show was about Cinderella. Cinderella, her ugly step-sisters, and her step mother were entertaining. The step mother and her daughters had fun costumes and masks.
Cinderella had just had her dress torn off of her from her step sisters, of which the mice had worked so hard on. She had her hopes to attend the ball, but without a dress...or a dream, what is she to do.
Thanks to her fairy godmother, Cinderella will be able to attend the ball. I thought it was great how the fairy godmother came in above our heads.
Happily, Cinderella skates with her true love. However, the spell only lasts until midnight...
At the end of the show, all the Princesses were in stunning evening gowns of cream and gold colors. The Princes' matched their gowns and they both looked amazing! Mullan's gown was my favorite.
Mickey and Minnie were at the ball, too...even dressed in their evening gowns and suits.
I loved the dance/skate. It was so fun to see them all coupled up. I think that the Disney on Ice performers resembled the real Disney Princesses and Princes. I couldn't even tell you who was my favorite. I do know that even after a week, I still smile over the experience that I had.
Some of the other special guests in this show were Beauty (Belle), Mullan, and Ariel (the Little Mermaid). I loved Ariel's hair, and I am still trying to guess if it was the performer's real hair. :) OH, and the Little Mermaid performance with Sebastian and the underwater world was great! The use of black lights, neon colors, and fish-like creatures~ you have to experience it!
The ending was amazing, and I loved how all the couples were on the stairs. With this show was fire, blasts, flying carpet rides, back flips, poisonous apples, and more. It is a show to bring the entire family to. I was beyond impressed, and it is a show I will never forget!

Thank you Disney on Ice for all the hard work, dedication, creativity, hours of intense practice, and all you do to bring joy and excitement to all! Our family had a wonderful time, and we are thrilled to have spent the evening with you! We look forward to future shows...some even coming next year: Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show & Disney on Ice: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey.

This review was provided from Feld Entertainment and Mom Central. I am a Feld Family Activator, and they have offered an opportunity for me to attend a show to review and information to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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