Monday, May 18, 2009

Three new movies from Lionsgate!

Kids everywhere are going to be thrilled with the release of HIT Entertainment's and Lionsgate's three new DVD's May 19th! All three DVD's are great for small children to enjoy and teach good lessons.
Fireman Sam is a fire fighter who teaches children the importance of fire safety. I really like the new Fireman Sam video Hero Next Door, because Sam helps kids know how to avoid accidents and how to work together. Set in the village of Pontypandy, Sam and his trusty fire brigade race to the rescue with practical lessons in dealing with fires, rescuing trapped children from a cave or learning about conserving water. Sam is everyone's Hero Next Door!
Fireman Sam – the only firefighter-themed children’s show – originally launched in the UK and made its U.S. debut on PBS KIDS Sprout in October 2006, and continues to air daily.
Fireman Sam is on the scene for more heroic adventures in five fun-filled episodes for the whole family! Team up with Sam and his fire-fighting crew as they teach that safety comes first with lessons about the dangers of fire and tackling challenges big and small. So be prepared and come along for four-alarm fun with your favorite hero next door, Fireman Sam.
· A Real Livewire
· Twist of Fate
· Liquorice Shoelaces
· Carnival of Junk
· Joker Soaker
· “Roary Sees Red” - Bonus episode of Roary the Racing Car
DVD SRP: $14.98

Barney's Let's Go on Vacation is a great video with Barney and his friends traveling to Mexico!Barney displays sharing, caring, imagining, dancing and learning on television, online and through live events, home entertainment and publishing. The Emmy award-winning series, Barney and Friends changed the face of children’s programming when it first launched and continues to be one of the top-rated preschool shows today, airing on PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS Sprout.
Pack your bags and embark on a dino-mite musical vacation discovering a whole new world of fun when Barney: Let’s Go On Vacation travels to Mexico. Featuring fun stories never-before-seen on TV, Barney, Baby Bop, B.J. Riff and playground friend Emma travel to Mexico (via their imaginations and the Travel Book) where they meet new amigos Fernan and Amalita. Together they sample Mexican foods, have a lesson in Spanish and enjoy a pinata party. The trip ultimately turns into a singing and dancing celebration of the differences and similarities between cultures and the group quickly learns that the things that matter most – family and friends –­ are the same the world over.
· Bonus Episode of Roary the Racing Car: “Roary’s Day At the Seaside”
· Pack a Suitcase with Barney - Help Barney decide what to bring for his upcoming vacation!
· Barney’s Travel Checklist
· 3 Spanish Sing-Alongs:
“Bombachio” (Mr. Kickerbocker”)
“Si Las Gotas de Lluvia” (“If All the Raindrops”)
“Te Quiero Yo” (“I Love You”)
DVD SRP: $14.98

The beloved animated children’s series, Thomas & Friends, has a new look, new engine friends and a new live-action host, Mr. Arkwright, waiting with a warm smile and a tip of the hat to welcome you to the Island of Sodor. Teaching timeless life lessons such as friendship, cooperation and respect for others, Thomas & Friends invites children to enter a world of imagination through the tracks of a train and the words of a story. Thomas & Friends: Team Up With Thomas is the only DVD is the new host, Mr. Arkwright, which is a new driver on the Island of Sodor. Mr. Arkwright is Sir Topham Hatt’s right-hand man, and engages children with interactive dialogue and extra fun, like showing how to build a cardboard engine for Sir Topham Hatt’s grandchildren. As an added bonus, Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment are also releasing a special limited edition of Thomas & Friends: Team Up With Thomas packaged with a Thomas Wooden Railway engine.
Everyone’s favorite true blue engine, Thomas, is back with friends old and new in four fun adventures on the Island of Sodor in Thomas & Friends: Team Up With Thomas. This DVD is enhanced with state-of-the-art CG animation and a new live-action host, Mr. Arkwright, who welcomes viewers with a smile and a fun project for Lady Hatt’s grandchildren. Thomas, Edward, Toby, James and the rest of the engines introduce young engineers to Hank, a big, strong, new engine, and Flora, a lovely new lady steam engine. Together, they take us along on their tasks around the island. Be careful: trouble may lie around the next bend. But one thing’s for certain – you’ll always come home with a brand new friend!
Episodes include:
“Heave Ho Thomas” – Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas to show Hank, the new engine, around the island. Thomas quickly rails against Hank’s brash personality and refuses to let Hank help him with his important jobs. When overloaded, Thomas cracks a cylinder and needs Hank’s help. The two soon become good friends.
“James Works it Out” – It’s winter on the island and James is telling everyone he always knows best and never needs advice from anyone! When Hector tries to warn him about the bad weather, he decides to ignore him. He soon changes his mind when they get stuck in the snow. Luckily, Hector is happy to help his friend James.
“Tram Trouble” – Toby is very excited about leading the parade at the first Great Waterton festival, so when Thomas discovers that Flora, the new steam tram, is also leading the parade, Thomas is worried his friend will be upset. Thomas tries to impede the forthcoming events…little does he know that Toby is scared of leading the parade on his own!
“Push Me Pull You” – The Puppet Show has arrived on the Island of Sodor and Skarloey excitedly asks Sir Topham Hatt if he can pull the puppet show special. The trucks are very heavy, and instead of accepting Rheneas’ offer of help, Skarloey challenges him to a tug of war with the trucks. Disaster quickly ensues, and Skarloey learns that friendship is the strongest thing of all.
· Spot the Difference Game
· Sir Topham Hatt’s Helping Hands
· Bonus Episode: Roary™ the Racing Car - “Roary Takes Off” The all-new TV series from the creators of Bob the Builder™
DVD SRP: $16.98 with toy train/$14.98 DVD alone

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