Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cyber Patrol: protection for your family

Internet safety is something every parent desires for their children while they are online. The Internet world is filled with messages, topics, pictures, sites, that we would rather not expose our children to.
Cyber Patrol Parental Controls is a great product that you can install on your computer to help protect your child from the online dangers that lurk.
I got to review this product from Fuel My Blog, and I am happy that I was able to try this product out for my home computer. I like how the Cyber Patrol has so many features. I can control how, when and how long people use the computer. This is a great feature because my son can use the computer, like for gaming, and I can set a time limit. I like that because I can let him play, and his time on the computer doesn't get too long.
I can also check status of the usage online, modify the settings and have options for what gets filtered from online. I can customize each of the computer users in our home, so we each have our own settings to work with. I can set the settings to child, young teen, mature teen or adult with blocking porn and other tasteless sites, content and images. I also like that I can just simply omit certain sites/programs for my child.
My son isn't quite old enough to use the chatting features from websites yet, but Cyber Patrol Parental Controls offers ways to block IM, chat, games or home finance programs, and it will prevent program downloads that can harm your PC!
There are so many features that the Cyber Patrol helps with your online usage! It will protect your personal information, give detailed reports on websites visited/time/length there, and will block certain phrases that online "bullies" use to draw kids in.
I highly recommend the Cyber Patrol Parental Controls for your family's safety and children's online exposure. For one year, you can have online safety (for up to 3 computers) for only $39.95! Check out Cyber Patrol for options for your family!

Thank you Cyber Patrol and Fuel my Blog for this review!

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