Monday, May 18, 2009

Music for kids!! (plus a contest)

Music is such a great thing for kids to learn and enjoy! I grew up with music and instruments, and I am eager to have my kids exposed to music, instruments, and learning rhythms. Music for Kids is a great website for finding instruments for kids, of all ages. I was sent the 6 piece Rhythm kit for review, and I want to say that I was highly impressed with the quality and sound of the instruments in this kit! My kids were beyond excited to open up the kit and start in with their music making. We have already invested several hours of play with the 6 Piece Rhythm kit! Included in this kit is a hand-held drum, 2 wooden drum sticks, 2 chick-itas, bells, triangle, and a tone block. This kit is perfect for my pre-schooler and toddler to create their own band, and it came with a backpack for easy storage/clean up. We have a grand time turning on some music, grabbing our instruments and "making a joyful noise!" The 6 Piece Rhythm kit from Music for Kids is a stage 1 through 4 instrument in the Steps 'n Stages program. The SRP for this kit of 6 great instruments is $39.99. I think that it is well worth the investment to your child's musical fun and learning. There are several activities that you can engage with your child and their instruments found on the LP website. I would love to own all of the instruments and have my kids experience the many different types.
LatinPercussion currently boasts the largest collection of percussion instruments and accessories in the world for the last 40 years. Latin Percussion started in 1964, and they are committed to bring the musician the very best percussion instruments available.
Latin Percussion has offered to sponsor a giveaway! This contest is open to the USA, and will end on May 26th. Go to the Music for Kids website and find an instrument that sparks your interest! You will be amazed at how many instruments they have on their site! Come back here and comment about it. I am not going to let you know what you can win, because it is a surprise! You will be able to keep a beat with it. :) You can get extra entries by doing the extra credits, or coming back each day with a comment.


The Allen Family said...

Gotta love the conga and bongos! My boys would go crazy over those!

Nicki said...

This is a tough choice! I know the girls would love a drum set, because their cousin Tigerlily has one. But Tigerlily's dad and Pufferfish's dad were in a band together, and Tigerlily's dad was the drummer, so thats why Tigerlily has a drumset! Pufferfish's dad plays the guitar. So I think he would love it if Little Bear and Pufferfish had a guitar! I like the guitar kit that comes with a bag, pick, tuning pipe, etc. Maybe he'd even teach them how to play... or they and Tigerlily could start their own band!!!

Jeff and Mandee said...

The Botany Shaker Assortment is super cute and the kids would love it!


Jeff and Mandee said...

I follow and subscriber to your blog :)


Qtpies7 said...

I totally want a boomwhacker! LOL

Kristie said...

I like the Large Toy Trumpet. I think the kids would have a great time with it. Plus it is what I used to play in band! :-)

khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Frora Bosh said...

He great article--Now kids also have the nice way to enjoy and learn music in their own way...great!!!!!