Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thomas & Friends: Live On Stage!

The beginning of May, our family went to the Thomas & Friends Live! on Stage: A Circus Comes to Town, thanks to MomSelect for the tickets! I was chosen to receive four (4) comp tickets in the mail, and was able to pick the time and location to the Thomas & Friends show that our family wanted to attend.

Here is our family outside the Target Center getting ready to go inside.
Dad with the little ones. Nathaniel opted out of this show. He is 10 1/2, so Thomas isn't something he is very interested in anymore.
Mom and the kiddos.
Here is the stage before the show.
Madelyn loved having popcorn with Dad. She had fallen off of a chair backward before the show, so she was a bit sad. She didn't let a chair ruin her evening, though.

This is a picture of Sir Topham Hatt with the train engineer. They were singing a song together.
I liked that this show was a musical. It was fun hearing new songs, and seeing the characters come alive. The show is about Thomas making a big mistake and how all the engines on the Island of Sodor must work together. Everyone is preparing for the big event under the Big Top, and Thomas must prove he's a really useful engine once again.
There is exciting adventures along the way, and meeting more people (townspeople from the Island of Sodor). Percy, James, Gordon, and Thomas join Sir Topham Hatt to welcome a colorful cast of circus performers in an engaging story that demonstrates the importance of friendship and cooperation...especially when Thomas is in trouble.
Here is the circus car, along with 3 of the circus cast: trapeze artist, strongman and the clown.
Here is a picture of three characters singing in the rain.

This was a fun part, the strongman was twirling the trapeze artist, and she went up high in the air.
It was a great show, and my kids are wanting to go again! Thank you MomSelect for the wonderful family outing...and memories made. We were fortunate to go with some friends of ours, and their two children. It was a great evening and lots of fun!

For times and locations of a Thomas & Friends show near you, visit the Thomas & Friends event page.


Jeff and Mandee said...

Looks like you guys had sooo much fun!! I always wish that shows like these would come to our town, guess it is just too small though :)

TopazTook said...

We thought about getting tickets to Thomas, but were out of town that weekend and decided negotiating the Target Center when she'd never been there before was too much to ask of a babysitting Grandma. :) Glad to hear it was good and that you had fun. Maybe someday we'll make it to one of these.

Milk Mama said...

OH Sarah! That looks like so much fun! And I can't believe how big everyone is!!! Madelyn is such a big girl from last I saw her! Such a sweet little thing! And your boys!!! Oh my! All so big and so handsome! I've never seen a photo of your husband before and he is a very handsome man. You have a beautiful family! :)

jpandtheboys said...

How fun! That makes me excited to take Brody on Sunday to go see a show at the Ordway. It's a children's festival based on the Eric Carle books. I hope he has fun and doesn't get scared. Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

Qtpies7 said...

IT was such a fun show! I'm so glad we both got to go!
I kind of dreaded taking Sam, but he did really well for his age and now loves Thomas, when he had never seen a Thomas before.