Sunday, May 31, 2009

Double Daring Books for Girls (Challenge) Book Shower!

I am thrilled to be a participant in a book shower for the authors of the new Double Daring book for Girls! Andrea J. Buchanan & Miriam Peskowitz have compiled a whole book of double daring adventures, crafts, stories, sports and knowledgeable facts to encourage all those daring girls to put themselves to the challenges. It is a great book to learn new things, and try your hand at the activities and crafts! Even my son had a kick out of the Math Tricks and used them to stump his peers and his teacher.
The Double Daring Book for Girls is a follow-up to the bestselling book: The Daring Book for Girls, and has all new material. Girls will learn how to play football, catch a fish, make a labyrinth, learn about the Chinese New Year, how to make a scarecrow, what words impress, the Nobel Prize, learn about the origin of phrases and idioms, being a detective and much more!
I have really enjoyed reading this book, and some of the contents brought me right back into my childhood days, and the fun things my friends and I did and learned about.
I think the Double Daring Book for Girls makes for a great book for any homeschooling family because you can use so much of the information and activities in your studies. Did you know that you can learn how to paint a room, how to build a raft, make antique paper, how to make a rope ladder, and learn about the history of the bicycle....all found in the Double Daring Book~ Plus so much more!

I was asked to host a dare on my site to help promote this great book, and also participate in the book shower for the authors. So, I thought it would be fun to make our own piñata out of papier-mâché as something to dare my readers to do, but instead, I have decided to make a snow globe. I know winter is over, but who says it is too late to make a gift for someone. I personally love homemade gifts, and love to give them to people. So, I am daring you, my readers, to make a snow globe. I will give you the directions that are in my Double Daring Book, and you can make one. I would love it if you could post this on your site, link to me, and let me know you did it. I think it sounds like fun! I will work on my globe this week. I am actually going to ask my 10 year old son to make one with me. (even though he is NOT a girl). I will post the picture later this week of what my globe looks like. What a fun craft, huh? The Double Daring Book for Girls is packed with such fun craft ideas!

Here is what you need to do to make a snow globe: (taken from the book)
  1. You need a glass jar with a lid that screws on tight. (even a small baby food jar)
  2. Fun doodads that will fit inside the jar and glued tightly on the inside of the lid. (plastic dolls, game pieces, Legos, etc.)
  3. Glue, or clay that is strong enough to keep the doodad connected to the lid. (hot gun glue, super glue, modeling clay, or florist clay)
  4. Glitter
  5. Water
  6. *Optional: glycerin, to make the water a bit thicker so the glitter moves slower.

First, glue the doodad to the lid of the jar with the glue of choice. Modeling clay will even hold the doodad. Set aside to dry fully, and make sure it is really sticking. Then, when the glue is dry, fill the jar most of the way to the top with cold water, leaving some room for air. Add a few teaspoons of glitter and *glycerin*. Close lid tight, and shake. Once you have the right amount of water and glitter, take the lid off and dry well. Put some glue on the inside of the lid, and glue it tight to the jar. You can hold it with clay, too. Allow the whole thing to dry before shaking.

That's it! Doesn't it sound like fun!? I think you should make a snow globe with me! Your kids can really have fun with this project, too!

Here is a quote from the authors:
Daring is all around us. It is in girls who break barriers and girls who help out friends. It is in girls who scale mountains and girls who speak their minds. It is in girls who make things and girls who ask questions, girls who set their sights on adventure and girls who find adventure in their own backyards. Daring is about finding your journey and following your dreams—getting off the sidelines and getting in the game, whatever your game may be.
So fire up your inner daring, turn the page, and remember the daring girl credo: Enjoy yourself, learn new things, and lead an interesting life.
Go on—we double-dare you!
Andrea J. Buchanan & Miriam Peskowitz

So, you have been officially DARED!! Will you take the challenge and join me in making a snow globe?

You can purchase the Double Daring book for Girls online at Amazon, and you can also look in your local bookstore. SRP: $26.99

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