Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kahiki Foods

I am a big time fan of Chinese food, and I am a sucker for egg rolls. I have purchased egg rolls from the store, and baked them in the oven. They are tasty, but it doesn't measure up to the restaurants egg rolls. The egg rolls just don't have the crunchy texture like at the restaurants. One main reason is I don't have a deep fryer. I was very impressed with the Kahiki Foods egg rolls, though. With these delicious egg rolls, you just pop them in the microwave. They are packaged in a special wrap, that when microwaved, makes them crunchy. I don't have to cook them in a deep fryer, add the extra calories and fat because of the deep fryer, yet I can enjoy the crunchy texture. The egg rolls from Kahiki foods are only 70-100 calories each. I really like that I can understand and read all of the ingredients of the egg rolls. For instance the Chicken egg rolls consist of these ingredients: cabbage, cooked white meat chicken, carrots, salt, sugar, vegetable oil (soybean, corn, and/or sunflower oil), sesame oil, eggs, spices, yeast extract. Wrapper:wheat flour, water, salt, wheat gluten, ascorbic acid, citric acid, corn starch, vegetable oil (soybean, corn, and/or sunflower oil). Sauce: water, sugar, distilled and/or wine vinegar, pineapple juice concentrate, cornstarch, natural extractive of paprika, hot sauce (cayenne red pepper, vinegar, salt, garlic powder), xanthangum, garlic, ginger, natural flavors, natural beta carotene. These egg rolls are great tasting (a little peppery) and not bad for health-wise either. They are quick to prepare, and really quick to eat. :) Kahiki Foods have 3 different selections of egg rolls: Pork & Shrimp, Chicken, and Vegetable. The packages sell with 3 in each one. I really enjoyed the Kahiki Foods egg rolls, and I know they will be on our future grocery lists.
Here is the Kahiki Story (from site):
Our visionary founder, Michael Tsao, believed that every American should experience the food and culture of the Kahiki. He wanted to take Kahiki to the masses and do it in the freshest way possible. Because frozen food is immediately frozen after it is prepared, he believed this was the best path. We have continued that vision in everything we do.
Today, Kahiki Foods produces over 70 products that can be found in retail grocery stores, membership warehouse clubs, convenience stores, and foodservice operations. Kahiki products have become so popular that the Kahiki kitchen has expanded to a 119,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility!
Our year-over-year growth has been consistent and significant. In an industry that grows between 3-4%*, Kahiki grew 22%, respectively for fiscal 2005 and fiscal 2006.
Our customer commitment is simple: serve the highest quality foods made from the freshest ingredients. Authentic, convenient, great tasting foods –this is what Kahiki symbolizes. And we never add MSG to our foods.
Social Responsibility
Kahiki is committed to protecting our environment and contributing to recycling it after we use it. We even recycle our cooking oil through local farmers who in turn the oil into bio-diesel fuel. We also believe strongly in supporting our community through our support of causes such as the Stephanie Spielman Breast Cancer Research Fund at the James Cancer Hospital.

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