Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rudolph's Foods' Pork Rinds

I have never had Pork Rinds before, so when I was asked to try Rudolph's Foods' Pork Rinds I thought I would give them a try. When I got them in the mail, I was surprised that they sent me 4 bags! I got two bags of original flavor and two bags of Hot 'n Spicy. I am not a Hot 'n Spicy eater, but I did try the Original. I think they are light and fluffy, and taste like Fried Chicken Skin. Pretty tasty. My husband brought them to work, and the guys at work loved them, especially the Hot 'n Spicy. They said that Rudoph's Foods' makes the best Pork Rinds!
Rudolph’s has evolved over time from a store brand found only in Wal–Mart to the most exciting line up. Rudolph’s recent expansion includes two of their newer products Rudolph’s Cinnamon Churros and Rudolph’s OnYums. I would love to try those! I love Cinnamon Churros! I think the OnYums would be like fried Onion rings.
From the site:
For over 50 years, Rudolph Foods’ commitment to excellence has been passed from generation to generation, just like their love for flavorful, traditional pork rind snacks. In 1955, John Rudolph learned of an untapped market for pork rinds and the Ohio entrepreneur quicklylaunched his own company producing pork rind snacks from smoked bacon rinds. Two years later the company would face its first big challenge, the meat industry no longer smoked the rind on the bacon. Under pressure to save their fledgling business, John’s wife, Mary, put her home economics background to work and invented a revolutionary process the company still uses today. With Mary’s surefire recipe and John’s leadership, Rudolph Foods became a snack industry success story. Since then, John and his sons have continued to dramatically expand their business and the family tradition.
Today, the company has five facilities in the United States and three International ventures. With over 350 employees, Rudolph Foods has launched into new areas of the snack food industry while maintaining its presence as the nation’s leading producer of pork rinds and cracklin snacks.

I think Rudolph's Foods' makes quality snacks that are flavorful and not bad for you to eat, either! Did you know that a serving of pork rinds is higher in protein and lower in fat than a serving of peanuts? A serving of pork rinds contains 9 grams of protein, this, along with 0 grams of carbohydrates make pork rinds a smart choice for people on high protein nutritional plans. Because pork rinds have 0g carbohydrates, their glycemic response is zero, making them an alternative for some diabetics who want to enjoy a crunchy snack. You can read more about the nutrition of Pork Rinds here. You can purchase Rudolph's Foods' on their website.

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