Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fourth Grade Choir Concert

Last night, we went to Nathaniel's yearly choir concert. There are so many children in his school that they have separate nights for each grade to perform their concert. There is one main choir teacher, and she has a helper. It was fun to see all the kids. I have to give props to his choir teacher, because she had kids playing different style drums, all of them playing recorders, bells, egg shakers and keeping them all in order. They sang 5 individual songs, and a patriotic medley of 7 songs. I think my favorite was the train song. This was a song of hand actions, singing in rounds, and leaving out words on beats (like BINGO). When the kids were starting to leave out words to the song, and just doing the hand actions, Caleb started noticing something was different. He said, "What happened to their voices? Why can't they sing?" Of coarse it was quiet, and those of us around Caleb had to laugh. It was so comical! I thought it was so funny that I laughed for some time after that comment~ just thinking about it.
It was a great concert, but Caleb and Maddie were quite restless. Maddie couldn't keep her hands off of the lady's coat in front of us on the bleachers. She had fur was funny.


Qtpies7 said...

LOL that is too cute! Caleb is a pretty funny guy!

jpandtheboys said...

That sounds like fun. I look forward to seeing Brody involved in activities. :)