Thursday, February 26, 2009

ColorMe Company

My kids really enjoy doing projects, crafts, and hands-on activities! I was excited to have my kids put their energy into the project from ColorMe Company! I got the Mountain Sleigh Ride pillowcase, as well as a greeting card. We got a quality, 100% cotton, standard size pillow case, crayons, fabric markers, the directions on how to set the color. We also got a greeting card that matched the pillowcase. (So this would make a great gift to give someone...pillowcase~hand colored, with a matching greeting card).
Caleb and Madelyn really enjoyed coloring the kid-drawn scene on the pillowcase. It was thrilling to see Caleb take his time, and color in the lines so carefully.
Madelyn used the crayons on the pillowcase, and she liked making a lot of circles and lines.
ColorMe Company is designed to have children express their creativity while making their projects/gifts personalized with their own uniqueness. ColorMe Company founder, Paul Marciano, was inspired to start the company because his card to his goddaughter was re-created with her drawings and designs. He wanted to create cards that kids can create their own fun, and unique greeting cards. He brought his business to the next level by including in t-shirts, pillowcases and Christmas stockings. He invited children to submit fun, creative designs that would be featured on cards and products. Soon talented young artists sent Paul artwork featuring whimsical characters including “Beach Girl,” horses, and the USA map, as well as secular Christmas and Nativity scenes and Hanukkah images.
All ColorMe products would make great gifts, projects to work on while traveling, birthday favors, or a fun activity to do with a group of kids over (like a slumber party).
Built on the simple principle that “Giving is Good,” 10% of ColorMe Company's gross proceeds are donated to children’s charities that you choose through their Charity Choice Program.
ColorMe Company offers products that spark the creativity in your children. I recommend their products. As you can see, my kids had a lot of fun with their hand-colored pillowcase.
Prices vary, please see website for ordering. You can get a 20% discount with your order by just entering the code: colormelovesmoms


Milk Mama said...

Those are great!!! Anna loves coloring and this is so smart!

Qtpies7 said...

Wow,those would be a blast for the kids! Great review!